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Chicory Syrup is a healthier alternative to sugar with a delicious taste and thick liquid consistency, which resembles honey. However, compared to honey or sugar, it has significantly fewer calories and is thus an ideal healthier sweetener suitable for dieting and weight loss. It is suitable for desserts, to sweeten porridge, yoghurt or coffee. Additionally, it is high in fibre, making it good for taking care of optimal digestion and healthy intestinal microbiota.

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Chicory Syrup is a healthier alternative to sugar that is high in fibre and has a delicious taste to sweeten coffee, breakfast porridge and your favourite desserts

Chicory Syrup is a healthier alternative to sugar, which has a delicious sweet taste and thick liquid consistency that resembles honey. However, compared to sugar and honey, it has a significantly lower amount of calories, yet their sweetness is about the same. Therefore, Chicory Syrup is used as a tasty sugar or honey alternative to sweeten your meals and drinks and elevate them to the next level.


It is a natural sweetener without unnecessary flavour-enhancing additives. It comes from the chicory root, making it high in fibre and ideal for sweetening the food during weight loss, for example. 


The contained soluble fibre binds water as it passes through the digestive system, increases its volume and takes on a gel-like consistency. This way, it helps slow down gastric emptying. In addition, it is associated with taking care of optimal gut microbiota, as it serves as food for beneficial gut bacteria (prebiotic) important for gut health as well as overall vitality. The low glycaemic index of this syrup may additionally help take care of optimal blood sugar levels.


Chicory Syrup can be used for any kind of food which you would normally sweeten with sugar or honey. It is suitable for sweetening coffee and tea, or you can add it to yoghurt, quark cheese or porridge. It will also add a nice sweet flavour to desserts, crêpes, pancakes or other sweet dishes. Furthermore, it can be used to add flavour to meat marinades, sauces or dips.


Chicory Syrup - GymBeam


Chicory Syrup & its benefits

  • natural sweetener from chicory root
  • its consistency resembles honey
  • has a delicious sweet taste
  • free of unnecessary flavour-enhancing additives
  • has a sweetness similar to sugar or honey
  • contains significantly fewer calories than sugar and honey
  • ideal for healthy sweetening
  • high in fibre
  • associated with taking care of digestion and healthy gut microbiota
  • has a low glycaemic index
  • good for weight loss
  • suitable for sweetening coffee and tea
  • suitable for porridge, yoghurt or quark cheese
  • can be used to sweeten desserts, pancakes, crêpes and other sweet dishes



Chicory syrup.


Nutrition facts

Nutrition 100 g *RDI
Energy 681 kJ/ 168 kcal 8.1%
Fat 0.0 g 0 %
   - saturated fatty acids 0.0 g 0 %
Carbohydrates 9 g 3.5%
   - sugars 9 g 10%
Fibre 66 g -
Protein 0.0 g 0.0%
Salt 0.00 g 0.0%

*The recommended daily intake value for an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal).



Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from direct sunlight.

Product detail
EAN 8586024621176
HS code 17023090: --- Ostatné
BIO no
Gluten-free yes
Lactose free yes
Vegetarian yes
Vegan yes
Blend pure
Form liquid
Legal category of the product foodstuffs
Product Labels Vegan, 25wishes
Made in EU
Height 14.00 cm
Width 4.50 cm
Length 6.50 cm
Brutto weight 0.37 kg
Plastic-free packaging no
No artificial sweeteners yes
GMO free Yes
Distributor GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, Košice 04001, Slovakia
Main category Other Sweeteners
Other categories Weight Loss Supplements
Flavourings & Sweeteners
Healthy Foods
Gluten-free products
Lactose-free products
Vegan products
Vegetarian products


Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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