Fitness Recipe: Spaghetti with Tempeh and Tomato Sauce

Fitness Recipe: Spaghetti with Tempeh and Tomato Sauce

Looking for inspiration for a quick lunch or dinner that you can easily take with you to work or anywhere else? Then this recipe is perfect for you. Before your spaghetti are done cooking, you’ll have the tempeh sauce ready. In the end, you just mix everything together, and there you have it, no knowledge of rocket science needed. Plus, this delicacy is also completely suitable for vegans.


Spaghetti with Tempeh and Tomato Sauce - Ingredients

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Start by cooking the spaghetti according to the instructions. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce. Peel and finely chop the carrots and onion. Also, chop the tempeh into small pieces. Heat olive oil and sauté all three ingredients for 5 minutes. Then add finely chopped garlic, chilli, and oregano. Pour in chopped tomatoes, passata, and cook the sauce for approximately 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Spaghetti with Tempeh and Tomato Sauce - Sauce Preparation

Season the sauce with salt, ground black pepper, cane sugar, red wine vinegar, and finely chopped basil. Mix the al dente cooked spaghetti into the prepared sauce. Serve the dish sprinkled with basil and nutritional yeast.

Spaghetti with Tempeh and Tomato Sauce

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Nutritional Values
1 serving (3 servings total)
Energy value532 kcal
Protein27 g
Carbohydrates79 g
Fats10 g
Fibre9 g

If you’re looking for quick and tasty recipes, this is the right choice. And remember, even vegans can enjoy this treat.

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