9 Interesting Youtube Channels for Free Fitness Videos

Are you looking for an alternative coach, nutritional counsellor or yoga classes in the comfort of your home? With the help of these 9 YouTube channels, you will learn for free how to exercise, eat, and choose the right supplements to achieve your fitness goal. All you need is determination, time and fancy to change your lifestyle.

Those of you who have already got through their fitness beginnings find these YouTube channels helpful in gaining new inspiration. Many of them offer a variety of exercises, variations of familiar exercises, training plans as well as hints and tips to help you streamline your training routine.

Each of the channels below has a target audience, some are more for cardio lovers, others for bodybuilders or yoga enthusiasts. However, everyone will definitely choose among them. Now, let’s take a look at the best what YouTube offers in fitness.

1. Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard is a young professional bodybuilder and coach who is definitely worth watching on YouTube. Not only are his videos full of professional training tips and advice, but Jeff’s hints are based on his scientific research. Don’t be afraid, it’s not about demanding lessons and foreign words, Jeff can even explain complicated chemistry in the way that everyone understands easily.

Jeff Nippard - 9 interesting youtube channels, fitness and bodybuilding
Photo source: Instagram of Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard started to compete in bodybuilding as a 19-year-old man and he practices a healthy lifestyle and fitness until today. As he started to study biochemistry, he launched his YouTube channel, combining expertise with his real experiences. It creates quality and valuable information in nutrition, training and fitness in general. The number of his followers, over a million now, speaks for itself.

If you decide to follow Jeff Nippard’s channel, he will supply you with videos to learn how to train different areas of the body in the most effective way. Jeff is also known not to be afraid to refute fitness myths, and therefore has earned a huge respect in the fitness world. [1] [2]

OFICIALTHENX - 9 interesting youtube channels, fitness and bodybuilding
 Photo source: Instagram of thenx


Under the brand Oficialthenx, you can find Chris Heria, who is known worldwide for street workout. It is based on calisthenics, which uses own body weight as a burden. After Chris spent ten years in the industry, he founded a fitness program called ThenX. It is a training that includes the principles of calisthenics and weight training. He is also the founder of the Calisthenics Academy and co-founder of the Calisthenics Institute in Miami.

Currently, Chris Heria is the leader in street workout and therefore affects millions of fitness fans. His YouTube channel has more than 3 million followers and everyone will choose from his videos. Chris’s Channel is focused on the precise exercise technique, programs and tutorials, where he devotes step by step to basic exercises in calisthenics, such as the handstand, plank, or lift on the bar. As Chris says, you don’t need any prior skills or equipment. You just need your own body. [6] [7]

Steve Cook - 9 interesting youtube channels, fitness and bodybuilding
Photo source: Instagram of Steve Cook

3. Steve Cook

Steve Cook is dedicated to sports from early childhood. Since he came from a very sports-based family and his father was an athlete, Steve started to strengthen himself already when he was 10 years old. He was therefore the most muscular student at high school and became a legend.

Already at that time he knew he wanted to pursue a sportsman’s career. As a bodybuilder, Steve has participated in numerous competitions and is constantly working to improve his form. [11]

His YouTube channel Steve Cook offers daily vlogs, training plans, hints and tips on eating. It aims to create educational, motivational, and fun videos that guide beginner and advanced bodybuilders.

In addition to training, you can also find lifestyle themes on his YouTube channel, where he solves problems from bodybuilder life. For example, how to dress according to the type of character or how to buy a suit when you have wide shoulders and a narrow waist. [12]

Simeon Panda -  9 interesting youtube channels, fitness and bodybuilding
Photo source: Instagram of Simeon Panda

4. Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda is one of the most influential fitness influencers in the world. He became famous not only for his worked-out figure, but also for his character. His videos are motivated and also knowledgeable about the techniques of exercises, nutrition advice and tips to strengthen specific body parts. [8]

In addition to his YouTube channel, Simeon is also dedicated to modelling and doing business. He took part on many bodybuilding competitions and often participate as a juryman. He prepares his training videos based on his experience. Using them, you learn how to build strength, increase muscle growth, or develop body parts. He mostly shoots his workouts in the gym, so they will serve you as a guide for more effective exercise. [9] [10]

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Bradley Martin - 9 interesting youtube channels, fitness and bodybuilding

Photo source: Instagram of Bradley Martyn

5. Bradley Martyn

Bradley Martyn is an American social networking star and fitness guru. He shares a lot of bodybuilding, diet and supplement videos on his YouTube channel. His goal is to help his followers to become “muscular and amazing” as Bradley often says. [13]

Bradley started with bodybuilding as a 15-year-old and has since worked on gaining muscle and knowledge in fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He currently works as an online trainer, fitness model and influencer. [13]

Bradley Martyn’s videos also include fun videos, challenges and his personal records or travel experiences. If you are serious about bodybuilding and you want to have some fun, you should definitely follow him. [14]

Zuzka Light - 9 interesting youtube channels, fitness and bodybuilding
Photo source: Instagram Zuzka Light

6. Zuzka Light

Zuzka Light, who has over 700,000 fans on YouTube, can be the inspiration for women. Zuzka adds new fitness and healthy eating videos every week. She also deals with topics that are particularly troubling for women, such as weight and fat reduction, and the strengthening of problematic female parts. Her videos include cardio and HIIT workouts, self-weighted strength exercises, or exercise tools, including resistance bands. You can practice her workouts in the comfort of your home or in the outdoors. [17]

Apart from the exercise, Zuzka will also advise you on the cuisine. On her YouTube you can find a few fitness recipes for low calorie snacks and cakes.




FitnessBlender - 9 interesting youtube channels, fitness and bodybuilding

Photo source: Instagram of Fitness Blender

7. FitnessBlender

Daniel and Kelli are a couple who have been dedicated to theirYouTube channel FitnessBlender for six years. During that time, they managed to shoot 500 instructional videos and fitness trainings. They are divided by time, difficulty, body parts or whether you need fitness accessories. No matter what your fitness goal or level is, you’ll find your training fast and easy on FitnessBlender. If you want to enjoy a really hard workout, look for a video with the word “Brutal”.

Daniel and Kelli also have a few fitness recipes on their YouTube, and they also answer to the questions of their followers. While their YouTube videos are completely free, as trainers they also offer a paid training program. People really love this coaching duo because they have over 5 million subscribers, even though the quality of their videos is worse. [5]

8. POPSUGAR Fitness

If it is important for you to enjoy the exercise then make sure to follow Popsugar fitness. It is a YouTube channel that is playful, positive and effective at the same time. In their production, you will find fitness tutorials, trainings and exercises to help you on your way to healthy lifestyle, weight reduction and stress relief.

Through Popsugar fitness videos, your living room turns into a class of HIIT training workout, dance, kickboxing or intense cardio. Their regular Class FitSugar is a real-time exercise led by Anna Renderer along with fitness experts or coaches of Hollywood celebrities. Among the videos, you will also find training of Victoria Secret models and much more. You have the choice of exercise according to the length of time, your physical level or the focus of the training. [3]

Popsugar Fitness - 9 interesting youtube channels, fitness and bodybuilding
Photo source: YouTube Popsugar Fitness

9. Yoga With Adriene

Adriene Mishler, a likeable actress and yoga instructor, will get you not only with her speech, but also with honest yoga training. Her motto is: “Find what feels good” and she transfers it to her videos. Adriene is running her YouTube channel to help you both physically and mentally. In his videos he teaches the basics of yoga in a safe way.

Her videos include yoga classes focused on painful body parts such as lower back or sore wrists. She also offers exercises for stress reduction, mood enhancement, or recovery after a night spent with alcohol. We also recommend her 30-day program, where you can see the results and measure your progress in practice. Even with Adriene Mishler, you can choose the length of your workout according to the time you have for exercise. [4]     

Yoga With Adriene - 9 interesting youtube channels, fitness and bodybuilding
Photo source: YouTube Yoga with Adriene

We believe that each of you will find the favourite YouTube channel from the list of top 9 we provided. But we are also curious about who you follow on YouTube. Write us your favourite athletes and bodybuilders who have inspired you for fitness. If you liked the article, don’t forget to give it a like and support it by sharing.


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