List of exercises: Abdominal muscles

In the previous article, you enriched your list of exercises of the new triceps and forearms muscles exercises, today we are focusing on the abdominal muscles exercises. Besides classic names in English you can find there illustration videos thanks to which you don’t need to google it.

Abdominal muscles

Fatty pillows, the most frequently caused by stress, and of course, wrong nutrition (the correct nutrition is 70% of success) are not only non-esthetic but even dangerous for organism. From the belly, the fat is getting away very hard and people quit after weeks of sit-ups.

If you want to achieve nice and flat belly or even six pack, the change of eating plan is the key factor. And don’t forget that sit-ups are not everything! Regular balanced nutrition and exercises which we are bringing in this article will help you to get a nice belly.

Decline 45° Sit-Up

 Decline Twisting Sit-Up

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 Roman Chair Sit-Up

Regular Abdominal Crunch

 Rope Crunch


 Reverse Crunches

Hanging Leg Raise

 Side Crunches Lying

Side Bend/ Standing Side Bend with Dumbbell

  Standing/Sitting Bar Twist

 Lying Leg Raise

 Cable Side Crunches


Plank jacks

Mountain climber twist

Ball-pull in

We strongly believe that this list of exercises for abdominal muscles helped you. If you want to have six pack, definitely have a look at the article 3 surprising exercises for six pack belly. Share with us the exercises which you exercise or support this article by sharing and help your friends.