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Weighted Vest 10 kg is designed for all athletes and fitness lifestyle enthusiasts. This fitness tool is used to increase the load and to increase the intensity of the workout. The shape of the vest is designed so that it does not restrict your movement

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Weighted Vest 10 kg to increase the load and intensity of your workout 

Weighted Vest 10 kg is effective fitness equipment aiming to increase the load and intensity of the workout. It is suitable not only for strength workouts, but also for running, cardio or intense endurance workouts such as HIIT. Comfort during the workout is ensured by the quality and durable material of the vest as well as by Velcro on the sides, with which you can adjust its size. Its shape is designed, so it does not restrict any movements. Try to exercise with a weighted vest and level up your workout!


The weighted vest features many built-in individual pockets filled with iron balls. Each of them weighs approximately 260 g, and you can remove the weight bags from the outside. You can easily adjust the weight of the vest as needed. Thanks to this, it is a multifunctional tool that you can use in many sports.


Weighted Vest 10 kg - GymBeam


Weighted Vest & its benefits

  • effective fitness tool
  • made from durable material
  • equipped with Velcro on the sides
  • has an adjustable circumference
  • features pockets filled with iron balls
  • the weight can be adjusted as needed
  • suitable for increasing the load and intensity of training
  • helps burn more calories
  • suitable for running, fitness walking, strength and HIIT workouts
  • useful for weight loss and gaining physique



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