Booty Band Resistance Bands Set - Beast Pink


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Booty Band Resistance Bands Set should be an integral part of the exercise equipment of every woman who dreams of having a perfectly shaped up, round booty. The set contains three textile-coated closed loop resistance bands that will help you exercise the entire body. 

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Booty Band Set - an ideal tool for toning your body and shaping up your booty

Booty Band Resistance Band Set is a great choice for every woman who wants to effectively exercise their entire body, either at home or at the gym. The set includes three colourful closed loop resistance bands with varying resistance levels, which will give you a good variety of difficulty choice. Depending on your abilities and needs, you can switch between different resistance levels so that you can exercise each muscle group properly. The set can be used to effectively exercise glutes, legs, arms and other muscle groups. 


These resistance bands are also great for yoga, pilates, stretching or physical therapy. They are highly versatile and certainly won't collect dust in your closet. They are made of a pleasant to touch material, which combines polyester and latex, and makes sure your skin doesn't get irritated or burned from friction. 


Booty Band Resistance Band Set & its advantages

  • three bands with varying levels of resistance
  • made of a combination of polyester and latex
  • can be used for strength training
  • ideal for stretching, yoga, pilates or physical therapy
  • suitable for training at home and in the gym
  • well-made design that will appeal to all women



Polyester, latex          


The colour of the booty band Length Width Resistance
Ivory 38.1 cm 8 cm  8 - 14.5 kg
Pink 38.1 cm 8 cm 13 - 22.6 kg
Shadow 38.1 cm 8 cm 18 - 31.7 kg
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