Fitness Recipe: Quick Post-Workout High-Protein Porridge

Fitness Recipe: Quick Post-Workout High-Protein Porridge

What is your first post-workout meal? It’s necessary to take heed of sufficient protein intake since it helps you build muscle and regenerate. Therefore, we offer you a super simple, quick recipe for post-workout protein porridge with fruit and nut butter. It will replenish the necessary nutrients and energy. Its delicious sweet taste is just a cherry on top. Give your body what it needs!


Ingredients for Protein Porridge

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Mix instant oats with protein, then add warm milk and mix the porridge thoroughly. Let it rest for a while, or sweeten it to taste if necessary, and garnish it with peanut butter, fresh fruit, and chia seeds. Serve immediately. Bon appétit!

Fitness recipe: Quick Post-Workout High-Protein Porridge
Nutritional values1 serving (1 serving in total)
Protein41 g
Carbohydrates69 g
Fat18 g

We believe that this recipe for porridge with fruit will further improve your training routine and satisfy your cravings. Inspire your gym friends and send them the recipe.

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