10 best self-weight exercises

Everyone wants to get in shape. Some work on it all year round, while others begin when the first cherry blossoms and they feel the arrival of summer. However, “getting in shape” means for each person something different.

While men focus on losing a few kilograms and growing their biceps or chest before the summer, most women want a perfect buttock that gives them confidence when walking around the city in leggings or shorts. Let’s be honest, which woman wouldn’t want a booty like J-Lo or Beyonce? Well, OK. Certainly, there are also women who do not desire it, but every woman longs for a firm, and some women, even a round ass. If you want to focus muscles of your buttocks, try the exercises below.

Before you start – structure your workouts!

Simply put, you can not engage in random exercises for a few minutes only when you are in mood to do them. Also, you cannot make 100 sloppy and quick reps of a particular exercise and expect good results. There are a few important concepts that you need to understand before you start training.

10 best self-weight exercises

  • You need to do about 3 sets of 2 to 3 exercises for the part of the body that you focus on in a particular workout.
  • You need scales that are challenging. If you do more than 12 to 15 reps, you’re working on stamina instead of muscle growth.
  • You need a progressive overload to make your muscles grow. Therefore, add weights, increase reps, add more sets, perform more challenging exercise variations or slow down in doing each rep.
  • You can never completely isolate muscle, other muscles will work together.
  • If you desire a perfect booty, your legs must match in every move you do.

A piece of good advice…

We recommend that you do a full body workout three times a week and add two to three cardio workouts, such as running, which in itself will give you additional muscle development. This will ensure that you do not develop a muscle imbalance that may look a bit strange and affect your health. You should try alternating exercises during your workouts.

10 best self-weight exercises

Exercise 3 sets with heavier weights, ideally with only 10-12 reps. If you exercise with your own weight, do at least 15-25 reps. Go for heavier variations, add weights, reps, slow down while doing it, or add 1-2 sets when the recommended sets and reps seem too easy for you.

Let’s go through the exercises to get the booty of your dreams.

1. Deep squats

If you opt for squats with your body weight, the best way is to go as low as you can. At the same time, try to keep your back straight. This ensures maximum activation of the butt muscles. Your legs should be a little further apart than the width of your shoulders, but it depends on your body composition.

10 best self-weight exercises

To make sure your knees and back don’t move, try holding your palms in front of your chest and straighten your elbows. To increase the difficulty of the exercise, hold the weight in front of the chest or try squatting with only one leg. In this exercise you will strengthen your buttocks very quickly, improve your flexibility as well as overall strength.

2. Horse posture

The horse posture is at the core of many martial arts, as well as a great way to build strength and size of thighs and butt. Begin by standing up, straddling your feet as much as you can and then squatting as if you were sitting on a chair.

10 best self-weight exercises

However, your thighs should be parallel to the ground. You will certainly feel burning in your muscles, but don’t give up. Try to hold this position as long as you can. Beginners should hold on about 15-30 seconds and gradually extend this time. More advanced in this position will last for 5-10 minutes.

3. Platform steps

The platform steps is an excellent dynamic workout that perfectly activates your buttocks while providing good cardiovascular exercise. All you need is a platform that is slightly higher than your knees – the ideal height is around half your thighs. However, you can also start with a lower platform, such as a chair.

10 best self-weight exercises

Take one step to the platform, transfer weight to the knee of this foot, swing as high as you can, and then roll back slowly. You can make this exercise more difficult by taking small one-arm dumbbells or small bottles of water.

4. Small bridge

This exercise is one of the best exercises for buttocks, even if it may not seem so. So be prepared for a little pain after exercise. To try this bridge, just lie on your back, place your feet comfortably on the floor, bend them and lift your butt off the floor. When your butt is in the air, only your feet, shoulders and head should touch the ground.

10 best self-weight exercises

Make sure you lift your pelvis as high as you can and remember to stretch your buttocks at a height. This exercise will seem very simple to you in a short time, so you can try different variations, such as straightening one leg and the other bouncing off the ground. You can also place weights on the bottom of your abdomen and maintain stability with your hands

5. Parallel leg lifts

Kneel on your knees, put your hands straight in front of you, as you can see in the photo, and start lifting one leg to the ceiling. Then put your leg back slowly and change the legs. This exercise can be a bit difficult at the beginning and can cause cramps, so make sure you have warmed up and stretched well.

10 best self-weight exercises

6. Side lying leg lift

Lie on your side – you should put a mat under you, such as a folded blanket or yoga mat – lift one leg and then slowly return it to its starting position. When you have finished practicing one leg, turn to the other side and repeat with the other leg. It is a great exercise for smaller leg muscles as well as your butt.

10 best self-weight exercises

7. Side lunges

This exercise is great not only because it will train your legs and butt well, but also because it will improve your balance and flexibility.

10 best self-weight exercises

First, spread your legs a little wider than your shoulders, move the weight to one side, while one leg is twisting and the other is level. Your toes should point to the ceiling. When you get to the right position, which you can also see in the photo, stay there for a while and then move the scale to the other side. In this exercise, proceed slowly, and of course, do not forget good stretching before exercising.

8. Fire hydrant

This exercise is called a fire hydrant, but reminds of a dog on a walk. Kneel on your knees, just as you do by parallel leg lifts, and then lift one leg and pull it to the side like a dog when marking its territory.

10 best self-weight exercises

Do this for as long as you can, starting with three sets of 20-30 seconds. It is a great exercise to improve mobility, and in addition to strengthening the muscles of your buttocks, you also exercise some of the smaller leg muscles that tend to be more difficult to target.

9. Bridge

Lie on your back, put your feet and palms on the ground, in such a way that your fingers point toward your shoulders. Then start to lift slowly and support your hands and feet.

The bridge requires proper mobility of the wrists and shoulders, equally strong hands, but is extremely effective. It will really work out your butt, legs and shoulders while doing great stretching of the abdominal muscles and upper body.

10 best self-weight exercises

When you manage to make a bridge, stay in this position for as long as possible – first 30 to 60 seconds, gradually you can push your limits. However, never stay in the bridge for more than 2 or 3 minutes to avoid too much blood in your head. Then go back to the ground and lie for another 60 to 90 seconds until the blood flows to the rest of the body.

This exercise is great at the end of the workout. If you find it easy, you can keep one foot in the air, but that is really pretty challenging.

10. Leg flutters

This exercise focuses on the abdominal muscles and buttocks, which are two parts of the body that every woman wants to have perfect. Lie on your back, lift your feet off the ground, hold them at this height and start pulling one leg a little higher, then return it to its original position to the other leg. Rotate your legs each time and try to do this exercise for as long as possible. Over time, you will last much longer than at the beginning.

10 best self-weight exercises

These were the top 10 exercises to develop a full, round and firm ass. Although these exercises are really effective, you should not neglect other body parts and cardio. It is not necessary to overdo it with three workouts of one muscle part per week. Focus on other parts of the body as well and develop all the right curves.

We will be happy if you let us know in the comments about the exercises that you do to shape your booty. Of course, we will be happy if you support the article by sharing.