What nutritional supplements are suitable for women?

It is no longer true that supplements are intended only for bodybuilders. Protein is not only for bodybuilders, and collagen has many other benefits than just joint protection. Let’s take a look at which of the many nutritional supplements are suitable for women and why.

What nutritional supplements are suitable for women?

Nutritional supplements for women

If the gym is your second home and you can’t imagine a day without training, you should give your muscles a well-deserved reward. Which nutritional supplements are important for active sportswomen and genuine fitness maniacs?

1. Protein

Protein is one of the most important nutritional supplements that support muscle growth and regeneration. However, look at some of the reasons why women should also take protein. Protein:

  • promotes weight loss

It has been shown that by taking the optimal proportion of protein, the amount of calories burned increases compared to low protein diets. Protein promotes muscle growth and the more muscles you have, the faster your calories are burnt. In addition, protein consumption increases the feeling of satiety. [3] [4] It is therefore very likely that thanks to the protein you will be able to avoid nightly refrigerator raids. 

  • helps shape your body

Muscles are predominantly made of protein, so protein is crucial for them. Protein powder usually contains all 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot create by itself, so it will help you strengthen and regenerate your muscles. [3] [4] These factors, combined with training, will help you shape your dream fit figure. 

Protein for women can also be found on the market. It is mostly a whey protein enriched with additives that have positive effects on the female body. Some contain L-carnitine to support fat burning, others are supplemented with vitamins and minerals important for the female body. [2] [3] [4] Protein for women will become your favorite sparring partner. To learn more about female protein, see Protein for Women and its effects, benefits and use.

What nutritional supplements are suitable for women?

You might be interested in these products:

2. Amino acids and BCAA

Another product that should not be missed out by any active woman is nutritional supplement in the form of amino acids and BCAA. Amino acids are the basic building block of all living organisms. We know 2 kinds of amino acids – non-essential, there’s 11 of them and they’re commonly found in our body, and essential, of which there are 9, and we need to get them into our bodies through diet or nutritional supplements. [9] 

The essential amino acids leucine, valine and isoleucine are also called BCAAs or branched chain amino acids. These are the most important players in protein synthesis and muscle tissue regeneration. [9] [10] They will help you achieve your fitness goals and will help you recover your stressed muscles and reward it with well-deserved care. How to do it? Try to take these amino acids in the form of diet or nutritional supplements such as instant amino acids and BCAA drinks. There’s nothing worse than muscle soreness and fatigue after exercise, right? 

What nutritional supplements are suitable for women?

3. Fat burners

Do you go to the gym just because you desire to lose some weight? So, ladies, you should not forget the fat burners that effectively help break down fats in the body. [11] One of the most commonly available fat burners is L-Carnitine, a natural fat burner that literally destroys fat and helps increase exercise performance. [12] 

Multi-component burners for women, such as BeastBurn, are also popular. It contains L-carnitine, vitamins and minerals suitable for the female body and other substances such as green coffee and green tea.

Green tea extract alone is a great source of antioxidants and an effective aid in fat loss. Both catechins and caffeine in green tea have been shown to help regulate hormones that can increase thermogenesis. [5] You can read more about green tea here: 8 positive effects of green tea on athletes’ health.

4. Vitamins and minerals beneficial to the female body

Vitamins and minerals are essential micronutrients that contribute to good health and solve several health and aesthetic problems. What vitamins and minerals should you take daily? [7] [8] 

What nutritional supplements are suitable for women?

Vitamin C

Yes, vitamin C has truly beneficial effects on the female body. In addition to promoting the function of the nervous and immune systems and stimulating collagen production, it is also one of the most effective nutrients to promote growth and firming of hair and nails. Vitamin C is excreted through the urine after a few hours and should be replenished daily. In addition, experts claim that vitamin C may delay the symptoms of aging due to damage caused by free radicals. [15]

Vitamin E

Did you know that skin is the largest organ of the human body? That is why it is necessary to take care of its protection and nourishment. Every woman longs for hydrated skin without any unpleasant acne and signs of aging. [16] [17]

Vitamin E, which promotes skin health as well as the immune system and cell function, can help with these aesthetic problems. It is an antioxidant, effective in combating free radicals, which can also be beneficial in reducing skin damage by UV radiation. If you desire smooth and hassle-free skin, you should not underestimate the intake of vitamin E through supplements or products containing it. [16] [17]

B Vitamins

Why are B vitamins important? Not only do they support a healthy immune system, they are also a great source of energy that every active woman needs. [18] Your vitamin kit should include:  

  • vitamin B1 (thiamine) helps the body metabolize fats and produce energy
  • vitamin B2 (riboflavin) contributes to maintaining healthy skin and relieving fatigue
  • vitamin B3 (niacin) reduces fatigue
  • vitamin B7 (biotin) maintains healthy hair and skin [18] [19]
What nutritional supplements are suitable for women?


Did you know that women are at a higher risk of osteoporosis? This is due to the fact that women have smaller and weaker bones than men. Based on these risk factors, all women should be interested in whether they are receiving enough calcium. [19] [20]

More than 99% of the calcium in the body is stored in the bones and teeth. It is used in the blood to transmit nerve signals and to expand muscles and blood vessels. It is so important that if you do not take enough calcium, your body will begin to absorb supplies from bones and teeth. Its regular replenishment therefore serves as a prevention. [20] One study also found that the addition of 500 mg of calcium per day significantly reduced PMS-related anxiety, mood swings, bloating and depression. [20]

What nutritional supplements are suitable for women?


Zinc is a mineral that helps the immune system and metabolism to function properly. In addition, it is known for its beneficial effects on the skin and is therefore often used to treat acne, inflammation, eczema and various skin diseases. It can be found in many beauty products for women. [21]

Did you know that one of the manifestations of zinc deficiency is hair loss? Other symptoms are fragile nails, as zinc plays an important role in nail bed restoration. In addition, its beneficial effects on immunity make it a great prevention against influenza. That is why it is also added, for example, to nasal sprays. [21]


Iron is used to produce hemoglobin and myoglobin, two proteins used to transport oxygen. These are missing in some women, especially during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. [23] Women aged 20 and 30 with regular and severe menstruation are at higher risk of iron deficiency, which can cause anemia. This occurs when one has a reduced hemoglobin level in one’s red blood cells. Symptoms of anemia include fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath. [22] 

Iron deficiency in the bodies of active sportswomen can result in the production of small amounts of energy. If a woman has a low levels of iron in her body, she does not produce hemoglobin, so the transport of oxygen in the body is reduced. Monthly blood losses associated with insufficient iron intake increase the likelihood of this deficiency. [22] [23] Among other things, iron also serves to replenish energy, promotes higher performance in the gym and is important for the development of vital functions of the unborn child. Pregnant women should not underestimate the iron intake.


All the vitamins and minerals we mentioned can be easily found in multivitamin supplements. These usually contain all the necessary nutrients at the optimum daily dose. On today’s market, you can also find special multivitamins for women, which contain essential vitamins and minerals and also various nutrients. For example, in the VitaPink multivitamin, you will find, in addition to the complex of vitamins and minerals, green tea and ginger extract, hyaluronic acid and acai. Ginger is a great aid in controlling body weight, and acai berries promote weight loss and lower the cholesterol levels. One capsule contains everything for health, vitality, beauty and speeding up your fitness goals. 

Omega 3-fatty acids

Omega 3-fatty acids play an important role in many metabolic processes. They maintain optimal cholesterol levels and a healthy heart. The body cannot create them by itself, so you must take omega-3 through diet or nutritional supplements. They are commonly found in foods such as fish, walnuts and flax seeds. [24] 

Omega-3 reduce PMS-related pain. [24] Moreover, they promote eye health and are important players in the healthy development of the child during pregnancy. The effects of omega fatty acids have also been shown to reduce depression and mental disorders. To learn more about omega-3 fatty acids, read Omega-3 fatty acids: do you consume enough and in the right proportion to omega-6 ?. [25]

5. Collagen and joint nutrition

Which one of you has not heard of the beneficial effects of collagen? Collagen is a component of connective tissues that make up tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles. See a few reasons why collagen is a must have on every woman’s shelf:

  1. Its role as a supplement is to relieve joint pain. Collagen nutrition supplies the necessary substances that restore joint beds and cartilage. It should not be forgotten that we strain our joints almost every day, even with a sedentary job. [5] [6] Bones are formed not only of calcium but also of collagen, especially in the cartilage and joints areas. To reduce the risk of osteoporosis, you should not leave out collagen from your diet.
  2. Studies have also shown the effects of collagen on the growth and firming of hair and nails. [5] [6] 
  3. Collagen plays a role in strengthening the firmness of the skin and can also contribute to its elasticity and hydration. With age, the body produces less collagen, resulting in dry skin and wrinkles. By adding collagen, you can delay these processes.
What nutritional supplements are suitable for women?

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