Raspberries are delicious berry fruits that can enhance any sweet dessert with a wave of a magical wand. In addition to that, they boast a colourful palette of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Raspberries are therefore suitable for recipes in both their fresh and frozen forms. The taste and aroma of freeze-dried raspberries can also perfectly complement any of your favourite desserts.

Which recipes to enrich with raspberries?

This small fruit wonderfully complements all variations of sweet breakfasts. They are excellent in grain porridge, yoghurt, on crepes, pancakes, or the beloved French toast. Their delicious taste and vibrant colour also stand out in various puddings or simple no-bake desserts, such as this tasty fit tiramisu. If fresh and light treats are your preference, you will undoubtedly appreciate raspberries as part of a fruit smoothie.

What to bake with raspberries?

There’s almost no dessert that raspberries wouldn’t suit. Try baking a simple sponge cake, a Bundt cake, a tender fruit cake, or muffins with them. However, if you prefer no-bake desserts, prepare a cheesecake, a no-bake cake, or a delicate raspberry ice cream instead. Lastly, fans of more complex recipes will surely appreciate this original charlotte royale with pudding or crème brûlée.

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