Fitness recept: Francouzský toust s tvarohovým krémem a malinami

Fitness Recipe: French Toast with Quark Cream and Raspberries

Exhausting days call for a hearty breakfast. But who has time to spend an eternity preparing it in the morning, right? That’s why today we created this quick recipe that fills you up, tastes great, and also looks amazing at first glance. You can therefore also prepare it for your significant other if you want to impress them with a tempting breakfast. The big advantage is that you only need a few ingredients that you definitely have at home. When preparing it, you can also use any other bread instead of toast, and it doesn’t even have to be completely fresh. And raspberries can be replaced with any fruit you have at home. This way you get a great breakfast and the good feeling that you are not wasting food.


French Toast with Quark Cream and Raspberries - Ingredients

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Mix the eggs, milk and cinnamon in a soup plate.

French Toast with Quark Cream and Raspberries - Mixture for Coating

Then take the slices of bread and coat them in the mixture from both sides. You can leave them in for a while and soak them properly.

French Toast Coating

Take a pan, spray it with cooking oil and heat it up. First, fry the toasts from one side and then, if you still have some of the egg, milk and cinnamon mixture left, pour it on the toasts, flip them over and fry them until golden brown from the other side. They fry relatively quickly and burn easily, so keep an eye on them.

Next, in a bowl, mix the quark with the protein powder, and use it as a cream. And that’s it. Ready to be served. Get a plate, put halved slices of the bread, cover with quark cream and finally sprinkle with some crushed lyophilized raspberries. French toasts taste best when still warm.

Our tip: If you want the toasts to be even more delicious and tempting, sweeten them with honey or maple or agave syrup.

Nutritional Values
1 serving
Energy value474 kcal
Protein44 g
Cabrohydrates49 g
Fats10 g
Fibre6 g

So, do you ever prepare such a luxurious breakfast even during the workweek? Or do you rather make something quick and treat yourself only at the weekend, when you have more time for the preparation?

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