Fitness Recipe: No-Bake Coconut Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Fitness Recipe: No-Bake Coconut Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Do you love cakes but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen and then washing piles of dishes? Then this recipe has perfect timing. Its preparation could not be easier. You only mix all the ingredients and put them into a cake tin. Even less skilled confectioners can make this cake. Although its preparation is simple, no one is going to know. It will amaze with both its alluring look and elaborated taste. Each layer creates an irresistible balanced combination. So let’s get started straight away.

Ingredients for the base:

Ingredients for the cream layer:

Ingredients for the chocolate ganache:

Ingredients for the decoration:

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First, let’s prepare the base. The procedure is quite simple. Take all the ingredients for this part –almond and coconut flour, dates and water and put everything together in a blender. Mix until you get a uniform mass. Prepare a cake tin (ours had a diameter of 26 cm) with a removable bottom. Apply a thin layer of oil spray or line it with baking paper (cut to copy the bottom of the cake tin). Then evenly press the mass into the cake tin.

And you can immediately move on to the second layer. Put coconut milk (solid part), cashew butter, agave syrup, whey protein and melted coconut oil in a bowl. Whip everything together until you get a smooth cream. Then pour it into a cake tin and store it in the fridge, where it nicely solidifies. This process takes approximately two hours in the refrigerator. If you want to have the dessert ready faster, you can help yourself with the freezer and let the cake solidify there.

Once the cream is solid, you can start creating chocolate ganache. Prepare a water bath first. Take a larger pot, pour hot water and bring it to a boil on the stove. Then put an empty pot for the ganache in it. Pour the chocolate into it and add 20 g of coconut oil. Let it melt together until the mass is liquid. Then add 100 ml of canned coconut milk liquid and let it warm up for another 2–3 minutes. Then take the cake out of the fridge or freezer and pour the prepared chocolate ganache on top.

Finally, decorate the cake with hemp seeds, lyophilized raspberries, and cocoa beans.

No-Bake Coconut Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Nutritional values

1 serving (14 servings in total)

Protein21 g
Cabrohydrates30 g
Fats34 g
Fibre3 g

If you like creamy desserts, you can be sure that this coconut cake will become one of your favourites. And thanks to simple preparation, it will appear in the refrigerator very often.

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