Fitness Recipe: Raspberry Tiramisu in a Glass

Fitness Recipe: Raspberry Tiramisu in a Glass

If you like Italian desserts, you will surely like the recipe for this unusual variant of the classic tiramisu. We made the cream lighter and more refreshing by combining it with lyophilized raspberries which will also make this recipe even more beautiful. The result is a a fancy dessert suitable for any occasion.


Raspberry Tiramisu in a Glass

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First, brew some coffee and let it cool down. Then take the eggs and separate the yolks from whites. Put the egg whites in a bowl together with the erythritol and whisk them until stiff peaks.

Raspberry Tiramisu in a Glass - Whisking Egg Whites

In another bowl, mix the quark with the protein. Then gradually mix it into the whisked egg whites. Finally, carefully mix the egg yolks into the mixture. It should turn into a nice smooth cream.

Pour the cooled coffee into a larger bowl so you can soak the biscuits in it. After that, prepare cups with a volume of 250 ml, cut the sponge fingers in half, dip them in coffee and start layering.

Raspberry tiramisu in a glass

The next layer are crushed lyophilized raspberries and then a layer of quark. Stack each cup like this until it is full. If you have some leftover sponge fingers and raspberries, use them as a decoration on the top.

Raspberry Tiramisu in a Glass

Put the filled glasses in the fridge and let harden for at least an hour so that the flavours combine. Then it’s ready to be served.

Our tip: If you want to give the dessert an additional flavour dimension, you can decorate it with dark chocolate curls.

Raspberry Tiramisu in a Glass

Nutritional Values

1 serving (4 servings total)

Energy value267 kcal
Protein27 g 
Cabrohydrates27 g
Fats5 g
Fibre3 g

This less calorie version of the classic tiramisu will refresh you and provide the body with the necessary proteins. The combination of coffee and vanilla quark will satisfy everyone.

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