Fitness Recipe: Hot Chocolate with Protein

Fitness Recipe: Hot Chocolate with Protein

You probably don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to enjoy a relaxing moment with a cup of hot chocolate. Our chocolate stands out not only for its great taste, but also for its delicious creamy consistency and nutritional profile. We’ve added some protein powder, so it’s packed with protein. Therefore, you can incorporate it into your diet to spice up your post-workout drinks.


Hot chocolate with protein - ingredients

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Heat the milk in a saucepan over medium heat (if you want to garnish the chocolate with whipped milk foam at the end, keep about 80ml of the total amount aside). Heat the milk until it is hot, it should not boil. If you don’t want it to stick to the bottom of the pot, brush it with oil such as ghee or coconut oil spray, but it’s not essential. Once the milk is at the desired temperature, whisk in the protein powder mixed with cinnamon, cocoa, or star anise to taste.

Hot chocolate with protein - dry ingredients

Pour the prepared hot chocolate evenly into three mugs, garnish with whipped foam from the remaining milk and sprinkle with the grated dark chocolate. It will also taste great drizzled with chocolate ZERO SYRUP.

Our tip: If you don’t care about a few extra calories, you can also drizzle whipped cream over your hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate with protein

Nutritional values

1 serving (3 servings in total)

Energy value203 kcal
Protein29 g
Carbohydrates12 g
Fats3.5 g
Fibre4 g

Hot chocolate is a great way to warm up, enjoy a treat, and replenish some much-needed protein. It’s best enjoyed in great company.

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