Butt exercises which you have to try comfortably at home

If you have 20 minutes time and couch near to you, you can sweat out your way to stronger low body part and to better butt. Everyone knows it – it’s difficult  to put into you hectic day also gym sometimes. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up your dream butt. Try this training which can be performed whenever and get your butt into form. You will definitely take the time of 20 minutes. 

What do you need for it?

• phone or stopwatch to watch rest time

• couch or chair

• effort to work out on your butt

Butt exercises which you have to try comfortably at home

Circuit for perfect butt

Repeat for 3 times:

1. Pop Squats (60 seconds)

2. Bulgarian Split Squat (60 seconds)

3. Plyometric Bulgarian Split Squat (60 seconds)

4. One and Half Squat (60 seconds)

5. Glute Bridge (60 seconds)

6. Jump Squats (60 seconds)

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds without rest. Rest for 60 seconds after each round. Exercise 3 series.


In this training, we will get to know 6 exercises which you will perform intensively for one minute. Between them, there should be only a little rest but the best is to have no rest at all and all these exercises should be done in one round. After that you can rest for 60 seconds to catch another breath and begin another circuit.

Try to make the most of yourself and to perform the motions in maximum intensity during each minute of exercise. We know that it burns but it means only one thing – effective training. Repeat these six exercises for 3 series and that should take approximately 20-30 minutes.

If it is hard for you for the first time, it is normal. By the time you will build endurance and get used to these motions. On the other hand, if you feel that this training is very simple, shorten the rest time and try your motions to be more dynamic.

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All these exercises put emphasis on the lower body part and butt so make sure that you concentrate on the contractions of butt muscles and that you perfom each motion technically right. 

Pop Squat

Pop squat is dynamic motion combining jumping jack and own weight squat. Put your arms next to the body, feet are on the shoulders-width and while you are spreading the posture, release your butt lower. 

Pop Squat

If you are in the lower part of the motion, try to touch the floor with hands and than quickly stand up on your heels and jump the way you join the legs together. If you have a problem to touch the floor, put some object in front of you and touch it while the flexibility of your hips is not improved.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Use couch or chair on which you can balance your back leg. The main idea of this exercise is to stay in the lunge position in which you will do the only motion, to push yourself with the heel upward and again you get back into a lower position.

This exercise is very complicated and requires extra stability of the core of the body. Perform for 30 seconds on one leg and then shift the legs.

Plyometric Bulgarian Split Squat

It is a variation of the previous exercise but the difference is that you try to push yourself with front leg and slightly jump. 

By adding this dynamic motion, you will join more quick muscle fibres which enable bigger muscle growth. Perform the exercise for 30 seconds on one leg.

One and Half Squat

This exercise increases time of muscle under pressure during each repetition which contributes to muscle mass growth.

One and Half Squat

For exercising of one and half squat you need to get into a low squat position and instead of going into initial position, get yourself into half of the position and get back into a low position. Then perform one full classic squat. 

Glute Bridge

Lie down on the floor with arms next to the body and use your heels for lifting pelvis upward. Pull in the butt in upper position.

This motion should be felt on the butt. If you feel that you weigh low part of the back, you need to join your butt more. Perform glute bridges for one minute before the last exercise.

Jump Squat

In this position your butt should be craving for break. It is a good sign, keep it up! Jump squat will increase your pulse frequency. Get into knees in the position of classic squat and then dynamically jump as high as you can. Try to land on the floor as gentle as you can.

It is the exercise which lasts only one minute but this minute will seem as eternity after all these exercises.

Taken from bodybuilding.com

Do you train only in the gym or do you exercise at home sometimes? Let us know in the comments which home exercises are your favourite ones. In case you are going to inspire yourself with these exercises, support the article by sharing and maybe you will inspire your friends.