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Stellar Yoga Mat will delight you with premium material, which will ensure maximum comfort during yoga and stretching. It features a soft and pleasant-to-the-touch suede surface, while the bottom side is made from natural rubber, which grips firmly to the floor. This way, you don't have to worry about the mat slipping. It is also suitable for pilates, bodyweight workouts or relaxation exercises.

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Stellar Yoga Mat features a perfectly soft suede surface and a non-slip bottom side, making it ideal for yoga and stretching

Stellar Yoga Mat features premium material, making it perfect for all yogis and other active people who want the best fitness equipment for themselves. It has a perfectly soft suede surface that is pleasant to the touch and doesn't slip. Moreover, the bottom is made from rubber, so you don't have to worry about the mat sliding on the floor. This makes it a great yoga mat on which you can perform challenging asanas and various stretching exercises.


You will also love this fitness mat thanks to its practical dimensions. It has an ample length of 183 cm and width of 58 cm, which will be just perfect for various kinds of exercises. Moreover, it also stands out with a thickness of just 0.13 cm, which makes it thinner and lighter than regular mats. You can thus effortlessly roll it up and take it to a yoga or pilates class or use it as a foldable mat for travel. At first glance, it also impresses with its design. It is decorated with a stylish inscription and the STRIX logo, which makes it clear that an active lifestyle is your passion.


Stellar Yoga Mat is thus a must-have piece for any yoga enthusiast's kit. Moreover, it is also suitable for pilates, stretching, rehabilitation, relaxation exercises and bodyweight workouts. The mat is easy to roll up and carry, and you can put it away wherever you want, so you don't have to worry that it would take up too much space at your home.


Stellar Yoga Mat & its benefits

  • premium quality exercise mat
  • features a soft suede surface
  • bottom layer is made of non-slip rubber
  • it is 183 cm long, 58 cm wide and 0.13 cm thick
  • easily to roll up
  • foldable and easy to carry 
  • ideal for yoga, pilates and bodyweight exercise
  • suitable for stretching, rehabilitation and relaxation exercises
  • suitable for group fitness classes and home workouts
  • can serve as a lightweight travel mat



Suede surface, rubber.



Length 183 cm
Width 58 cm
Thickness 0.13 cm
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