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The Suspension Training Set is a great fitness aid for home or outdoor training. It is made from solid material and thanks to the soft foam grips, it will ensure comfort during the entire exercise. It is easy to install, easily portable and storable.

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Suspension Training Set - effective fitness tool for exercising the whole body 

The Suspension Training Set is a popular fitness tool designed for home and outdoor training. The system is easy to install and, thanks to a practical bag, it is also easily portable. By using solid metal buckles, you can easily adjust the length of the handles according to your height and you can start training. Soft foam grips on the handles ensure comfort during the entire training.           


The Suspension Training Set provides the opportunity to exercise the whole body, but it is also suitable for various variations of exercises focused on individual muscle parts. Suspension Training Set doesn't need to be screwed.  You simply attach it to a closed door with help of a pillow with Velcro. In outdoor areas or in the gym, a clip strap will serve this purpose.


Weight limit: 450 kg.


If you are looking for more information on how to exercise with the suspension training system, read our article How to Exercise with the Suspension Trainer? Try These Effective Fulll-Body Exercises.                           


Suspension Training Set - GymBeam


Suspension Training Set & its benefits

  • fitness tool for home and outdoor training
  • made from solid material
  • features soft foam grips for a comfortable grip
  • easy to adjust
  • easily portable
  • will help to exercise the whole body


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