The secret of nice butt and lies which you must not believe

The pictures of Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez don’t let any men underwhelm. The problem is that women are always, maybe from the nature, unsatisfied with their butt. They always worry themselves with some diets and cellulite, whether their butt is “too flat” or “too big”. But yet, you just need to imagine the Venus sculpture you definitely remember from the history lessons which was the ideal of woman’s body 20 000 years ago. Curves are one of the most significant differences between a woman’s and man’s body. In addition, 85% of men consider nice and rounded butt as sexy.

Today we will say how to achieve the butt without cellulite which will be tight, shaped, rounded and perfect, simply sexy. Well, before that, we will play the MythBusters and will disprove some myths which you can’t sleep because of.

5 myths about butt

1. “Squats make my butt bigger”

We all know what makes butt bigger and squats are not the reason. Those who are sitting by the computer for most of the day, risk weak gluteus muscles if they don’t sport more actively. The king of the exercises for butt as well as the exercise which burns the most calories are the squats. According to research, squats can lift, strengthen and firm butt, although the base is the right posture. Then it is enough to sit on the imaginary chair and by this, you will perfectly exercise the gluteus muscles and consequently get back to standing position.

5 myths about butt

2. “The cardio training will help to burn fat only from the butt”

Read the name of this point. Read it again. And again. Does it make sense? Do you really think that it is possible to lose weight only from a particular part of the body? Of course, we don’t see anything wrong on steppers, and yes, they can engage muscle SO type tissues and help at the muscle building but this can be also achieved at cycling. Preferential fat burning only from one concrete part is really nonsense.

"The cardio training will help to burn fat only from the butt"

3. “I do special exercise for butt in the gym”

There are many exercises which can shape butt and hamstrings. For example, deadlifts, hyperextensions, lunges or Bulgarian split squats. However, one exercise is not enough. For enlarging of these muscles, there is a need to do more exercise variants, even these, which are not concentrated only on concrete muscle which is the problem one in your case. Try to google many variants of “hip extensions” which are effective. As an example, we are adding video:

4. “I sprint in order to have nice butt”

It is truth that runners and mostly sprinters have good developed muscles in the back part of the body and yes, sprint has really positive effects for butt. Well, sprint is highly-intensive activity at which there are many injuries and this leads to limiting of exercise and muscle development. At sprint, you won’t reduce fat from the back part of the body. It is still applicable that the best solution are hyperextensions, squats or hip thrust exercises which are more simple to control and have a higher level of metabolic stress.

To drop a hint, also runners and sprinters lift higher weights and that is why the large part of the muscle development can be assigned to this. By this point, we didn’t want to you to resist from sprint. If you like sprinting, then do it, although the nice butt can be achieved by power training.

"I sprint in order to have nice butt"

5. “Big butt will grow out of protein”

At this point, we have to stop for a while and explain once and for all that butt can’t be grown out of any food or protein shake. Protein is not miraculous product, it is asupplement which will feed your muscles up and will help them to regenerate after hard training. Person who exercises, needs more proteins than someone who doesn’t exercise and that is why protein in the form of supplement is suitable alternative.

"Big butt will grow out of protein"

Well, when you are dear ladies, and maybe gentlemen familiar to all myths which are spreading through the internet, we can go to the secret of nice butt.

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The secret of nice butt

This secret comprises of three points:

1. Try to have a minimum body fat

This point is a little cliché but it doesn’t change the fact that butt seems better when there is a minimum of body fat. This can be the best achieved by combination of healthy nutrition, power and cardio training. 

The secret of nice butt

2. Building butt muscle

It is no surprise if you thought of king exercise – squat at this point but there are many excellent exercises which can get you closer to dream butt. The really perfect exercise is hip thrust which we already mentioned. At the building of shaped butt, diversity of exercises wins. Because of that you should inspire yourself and experiment with exercises such as squats, lunges, Bulgarian split squats or American deadlift.

Muscle development of butt

3. Building hamstrings

The last point of the nice butt secret is hamstrings development which is based on diversity of exercises and that is why we recommend American deadlift, hyperextensions, GHR or any types of leg curls whether when standing, sitting or lying.

Building hamstrings

Dear ladies, we believe that we clarified the secret of nice butt and also we believe that we disproved some of the myths with you have definitely have met with whether on the internet or among friends. There is still applicable the golden rule of combination of various exercises and you also must not forget of balanced nutrition. We wish you luck and endurance! If you like the article, support is by sharing.