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Medicine Ball is a highly practical workout tool that comes in a variety of weights of your choice, ideal for exercising each part of your body. You can easily use it instead of a workout bench, or to step up your resistance when doing pull-ups or sit-ups. With medicine ball, you can break up your training stereotype and build more strength, explosiveness and endurance, or make your abs training far more effective. 

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Medicine Ball - a workout ball with the weight of your choice, great for core workout to build strength and explosiveness 

Medicine Ball is a versatile and highly practical workout ball with the weight of your choice - 4, 6, or 8 kg. It will target your arms, shoulders, back, core, as well as on other muscle groups. It can be used for almost any type of training, or as an alternative to dumbbells.  It’s ideal for abs workout, specifically when used with crunches, planks or trunk rotations, and it comes in handy to put extra resistance to your squats or push-upsThrowing exercises with a medicine ball are great for improving your explosiveness and strength.


Unlike your typical strength training, exercising with a medicine ball allows you to work out in all planes of motion, and grants you a playful way of exercising every part of your body, including your core, hips and thighs



Medicine Ball & its benefits

  • practical exercise tool 
  • weight of your choice
  • suitable for a wide variety of training types
  • allows you to exercise each part of your body, including your core, hips and thighs. 


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