Tofu is one of the plant-based alternatives to meat that is popular not only among vegetarians and vegans, but all people. Its greatest advantage is that it doesn’t require any cooking. You can add it directly on a sandwich or in any recipe, turning it into a quick and nutritionally balanced meal. However, main courses are not the only place where tofu can be used. You can also prepare excellent desserts, breakfasts, spreads, and other snacks from it.

What savoury dishes to prepare with tofu?

Tofu is an exceptional plant-based protein source that can be used in many ways in savoury recipes. The most versatile is the natural version, without any flavour. You can also find marinated or smoked tofu, which then does not need any significant seasoning. A classic way is to add it as a steak to a side dish like potatoes, rice, couscous, or pasta. It can also be placed in tortillas or taco shells, toasts, and other bakery goods, creating a great snack or box lunch.

Similarly, tofu works great in various sauces and vegetable mixes, in which it will stand out. It can also be used in salads, soups, and protein-rich spreads, such as this one with sun-dried tomatoes. It fits well into recipes packed with vegetables. A great combination is with beans and carrots in a stir-fry or with carrots, broccoli, and soba noodles. And if your taste buds crave a certain exotic touch, we also have a recipe for vegan Indian curry or poke, where smoked tofu works great. We also have a perfect recipe for those who love breakfasts. How about trying vegan “tofu scramble”?

What sweet dishes to prepare with tofu?

Tofu is definitely not limited to just savoury recipes. If you choose the natural unflavoured version, you can easily add it to sweet dishes. Just blend the tofu with frozen fruit, sweeten it lightly, and you have a vegan ice cream ready to be served. Similarly, you can create various vegan creams, puddings, or blend it into the batter to create a protein-rich dessert.

Whether you decide to bake, sauté, serve it cold, or add it to sweet treats, you will always create a delicious meal with a higher protein content with the help of tofu.

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