Fitness Recipe: Protein Pasta with Alfredo Sauce

Fitness Recipe: Protein Pasta with Alfredo Sauce

Today, we will be preparing a treat that even vegans can enjoy. Tofu and plant-based milk make for the basis of the delicious creamy sauce, while the spices give it a really unique taste. We used protein pasta to go with it, which increased the proportion of protein even more. It is thus an ideal meal, for example, after a demanding full-body workout.


Protein Pasta with Alfredo Sauce - Ingredients

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Start by cooking the protein pasta in salted water according to the instructions on the packaging. Next, you need to prepare the peas. If you have frozen or fresh ones, cook them until soft. If you have canned ones, just drain the water.

Then start preparing the sauce. Sauté garlic and cubed tofu in oil and add soy milk. Put this mixture in a blender and blend it until you get a thicker sauce. Next, add nutritional yeast and blend it again. Then add salt, black pepper and lemon juice to the sauce and mix everything thoroughly.

Finally, mix the sauce with the pasta and peas and serve. You can also decorate the plate with your favourite herbs.

Protein Pasta with Alfredo Sauce - Method
Nutritional Values
1 serving (2 servings total)
Energy value484 kcal
Protein43 g
Carbohydrates50 g
Fats10 g
Fibre11 g

This vegan delicacy is packed with protein and flavour, so absolutely everyone will surely enjoy it.

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