Fitness Recipe: Chocolate Tofu Pancakes

Fitness Recipe: Chocolate Tofu Pancakes

What does the ideal morning look like? Just have a cup of fresh coffee and a plate full of pancakes on the table. In today’s recipe, we will show you how you can quickly prepare chocolate pancakes at home. Since the base consists of only water, instant oats and tofu, even vegans can enjoy them. Then it’s up to you how you garnish them. Will it be fruit or a delicious pancake syrup?


For garnish:

Chocolate Tofu Pancakes - Ingredients

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First, blend tofu and water together. Next, add instant oatssweetener and mix again. Spray some oil on a pre-heated pan and prepare small pancakes on it. Once done, split them into two servings. Finally, garnish with blueberries and ZERO pancake syrup.

Chocolate Tofu Pancakes
Nutritional Values
1 serving (2 servings total)
Energy value365 kcal
Protein24 g
Cabrohydrates38 g
Fats13 g

So, will you make some pancakes tomorrow morning? Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit in the kitchen. You can try a different flavour of instant oats or cover the pancakes with some nut butter. It’s easy to create new taste combinations this way.

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