Recept - Krémový kokosový koláč vhodný aj pre vegánov

Fitness Recipe: Vegan-Friendly Creamy Coconut Cake

Simple, deliciously creamy, and also suitable for vegans? Yes, please! We are expanding our collection with a recipe for a quick coconut cake which offers a healthy dose of protein besides its excellent taste.  Do you prefer an active lifestyle or are you on a diet? Thanks to high-quality ingredients and balanced nutritional values, this recipe is perfect as a healthy treat! Let’s do it!

Ingredients for the base:

Ingredients for the cream:

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Soak the dates in water for one hour. Then mix them into a smooth mixture or use a ready-made date paste. Add oats to the dates and mix well together so all the individual ingredients combine. You should get a smooth, sticky mixture. Prepare a cake tin (we used a tin with a diameter of 18 cm) and spray it with coconut oil spray. Place the date mixture on the bottom of the tin, spread it evenly with your fingers and create a base.

Let’s start preparing the cream. Mix the protein and coconut milk in a small pot. Bring this mixture to the boil, and add agar after 2-3 minutes while stirring. Pour the coconut mixture onto the base, let it cool and let the cake harden in the fridge for a few hours. Serve the cake decorated with grated coconut, nuts or protein spread, or however you like. Bon appétit!

Fitness Recipe: Vegan-Friendly Creamy Coconut Cake
Nutritional values1 piece (8 pieces in total)
Protein15 g
Carbohydrates25 g
Fat3.5 g

We believe that this simple vegan cake full of coconut flavour will satisfy your sweet tooth and you will fully enjoy it. If you liked the recipe, we would be happy if you shared it with your friends.