Pies are versatile delicacies that can be enjoyed for breakfast, as a snack, or as a dessert with coffee. There are countless varieties with different flavours and preparation methods, ensuring that everyone can find their ideal pie. At the heart of every pie is its crust. You can opt for a yeast-based or pour batter crust, depending on the time available and your culinary skills. For those looking to simplify the entire process, consider a recipe for a pie, which uses cups instead of scales.

Types of pies

Most commonly, you’ll encounter sweet versions of pies. These can include various types such as quark, poppyseed, pudding, coconut, jam-filled, or fruit pies. However, our favourites are definitely quick fruit pies, such as strawberry, cherry, blueberry, pear, apricot, or apple pies with cinnamon. Other sweet variations include Linzer cookies, simple pies with mascarpone, or those made with puff pastry.

That said, if you are looking for something that isn’t sweet, you can also explore various savoury pies. A standout example is the zucchini pie, especially during the zucchini season, when you’ll likely be baking it regularly. Another popular choice is the French savoury pie quiche, with flavours like spinach or zucchini. In essence, there is an enormous variety of sweet and savoury pies, ensuring that everyone can find a favourite according to their preferences.

The best fitness pie recipes

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