Coconut is a great raw ingredient for a broad range of dishes that you can easily whip up in your kitchen. Perhaps you’ve become accustomed to using coconut oil in a variety of forms. Using oils in the spray form is perfect for preventing your foods from getting stuck to the pan or a baking tray. In its regular form, coconut oil can be used for preparing a variety of frostings and glazes when baking. Coconut milk, on the other hand, combines wonderfully with chicken meat, and it’s also the perfect match for many distinct vegetarian and vegan recipes. With a little bit of coconut milk, you can thicken up your soups and sauces, or prepare creamy desserts and delicious breakfast porridge and puddings. Coconut chips, together with grated coconut, are ideal for topping off your desserts for both decoration and a new dimension of taste. Finally, if you are a fan of sweet treats, you will no doubt love nut butters flavoured with coconut.

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