Recept - Quinoa s restovaným tofu, zeleninou a avokádom

Fitness Recipe: Quinoa with Sautéed Tofu, Vegetables and Avocado

Do you prefer healthy food to ready-made dishes, even if you’re running out of time? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s an excellent, quick recipe that meets all the demands of a healthy and nutritious meal. Try quinoa with sautéed tofu, vegetables, and avocado. You’ll love it immediately. Let’s dive right in!


Ingredients for Veggie Quinoa

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Rinse quinoa with cold water and mix it with vegetables. Boil it in 400 ml of salted water until soft. Meanwhile, dry the tofu thoroughly with a paper towel and dice it. Mix the tofu with soy sauce, syrup, and corn starch. Then sauté it from each side (about 2 minutes) in a pan greased with olive oil. Season the cooked quinoa and vegetables with salt, black pepper, and lime juice. Serve quinoa with sautéed tofu, avocado, and chopped coriander. Bon appetite!

Fitness Recipe: Quinoa with Sautéed Tofu, Vegetables and Avocado

Nutritional values

1 serving (2 servings in total)

Protein28 g
Carbohydrates71 g
Fat20 g

We believe that you will enjoy this quick recipe for quinoa with tofu and vegetables, especially when you lack time and long for something healthy and nutritious. If you have people around you who strive for a healthy lifestyle, don’t forget to send them the recipe.

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