Affordable Protein-Rich Foods

Today, more than ever, we have to bear in mind food prices while shopping. Among the most expensive items is meat and other animal products. However, there are also cheaper foods that contain plenty of protein. Read on to find out which ones.

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Protein: Its Functions in the Body, Recommended Intake, Food Sources and Deficiency Symptoms

Did you know that protein plays a big role not only in muscle growth, but also in the proper function of the immune system or the feeling of satiety? Getting enough of it is really important. Today’s article will tell you how much protein you should eat evey day, what is the difference between its plant and animal sources or how it can help with weight loss.

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How to Choose a Good Protein Bar?

Protein bars have rightly become a common part of our diet. They are a great snack when you are in a hurry and need to quickly fight off hunger. Let’s take a closer look at what a protein bar is, what it consists of, when it’s best to eat it and how to choose the best quality one.

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