Quinoa is a gluten-free pseudo cereal, which, thanks to its valuable nutrient content, rightly belongs among superfoods. In addition to dietary fibre, complex carbs and relatively high quality protein, quinoa brings its nutty taste and aroma to dishes. Thanks to its versatility, you can use it in breakfasts, main courses, salads and desserts.

If you’re a sweet tooth, you can use quinoa to prepare breakfast porridge, muffins, sweet bread, bars, or slices. The savoury team can use it as a side dish that goes perfectly with meat or vegetable alternatives. Likewise, you can use it in a vegetable salad to enrich it with some complex carbs. In addition, quinoa can be used to prepare patties and even pizza dough.

Preparing quinoa is quite simple, just rinse it, boil in water for 15–20 minutes and it is ready to eat. Moreover, you can buy cooked quinoa in a pouch, which can be consumed immediately. In case you don’t have time to cook, just mix it with vegetables or canned tuna and you get a quick and nutritious lunch.
If you want to learn more about this superfood, check out our article Quinoa – A Gluten-Free Cereal Grain and Superfood Rich in Protein, Fibre and Vitamins.

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