Avocado is a delicious fruit that people often mistakenly refer to as a vegetable. This is mainly because its nutritional profile and taste don’t quite fit in with the typical representatives of fruit such as apples, bananas and pears. Fruit is also typically primarily a source of carbohydrates, which is not the case with avocado. In fact, it contains healthy fats in the form of monounsaturated fatty acids, which make it both delicious and full of flavour. This can then be put to good use in your meals. Avocado is used to make the traditional Mexican dish guacamole and many other vegetarian or vegan spreads and dips. Combined with bread and eggs, you get the perfect breakfast or snack on your plate. Furthermore, you can’t go wrong if you slice the avocado together with a tomato for a salad

It’s not the sweetest fruit, but it’s still great for desserts. If you mash avocado and replace some butter with it, you can easily reduce the fat content of your meal, as butter contains significantly more fat in the same amount. Moreover, it can also be used to prepare avocado creams, puddings and other sweet treats. If you combine it with other fruits, you’ll create a delicious creamy smoothie. 

And do you know what is the best thing about avocado? The moment of surprise, when you have no idea how big the pit will be or whether it’s ripe enough before you cut it. 

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Neither you can ever decide whether you want sweet or salty breakfast? Why choose if you can prepare breakfast in 3 ways just with one ingredient. You probably know that we are talking about avocado, which, in addition to a healthy fats, is also perfect in that it has a really universal use. Prepare avocado toast a.k.a. avotoast for breakfast or brunch too!

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