Training and Eating Routine of Thor, Superman and Other Hollywood Stars

Training and Eating Routine of Thor, Superman and Other Hollywood Stars

It would be nice to have a body like Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill or Gal Gadot, right? Does this wish sound familiar to you? When you look at these Hollywood stars, you probably won’t be the only one who ever thought something like that. They have one of the best bodies you can see on a big screen. However, only few people realize that even celebrities did not get their amazing bodies for free or in a month. Their physique is often a result of a lot of hard work and demanding training under the supervision of the best trainers and nutritionists.

In many cases, this effort is often made only for a specific role, in which these familiar faces show us the life form of Thor, Superman, Wonder Woman or Hercules. Only then could they relax or even gain weight for another role, as we could see in the case of Christian Bale, who is one of the Hollywood’s best in extreme changes. In today’s article, we take a look at how the bodies of specific Hollywood celebrities are made and what their brutal routine looks like in the gym and kitchen.

Chris Hemsworth

Thor is a well-known hard-worker not only on the screen, but also behind it. He often publishes videos on his Instagram of really hard trainings – some of which would knock out even some experienced fighters. It’s also because the actors portraying superheroes in Marvel movies are required to be in really great shape, and building muscle is practically a must for them. So what’s the secret of his figure? [23]


Most sources report that Chris exercises about 60-90 minutes, 5 days a week. He focuses mainly on complex exercises and core, while adhering to the principles of traditional methods of strength training. His goal is not only big and good-looking muscles, but mainly the functionality and dexterity that Hemsworth uses in stunts and in everyday life. His training plan is about consistency, intensity and passion to be able to turn a lot of calories into muscles. [23]

Under the supervision of his personal trainer Luke Zocchi, he does many pull-up exercises and focuses on high intensity. The main goal is the development of muscles in the shoulders and arms, as the film camera focuses more on Thor’s upper body than on his legs. However, the basis still remains a comprehensive strength training with dumbbells, which Chris combines with other activities. During exercise, he also uses battle ropes, which develop his strength endurance. He also uses kettlebells, medicine balls and high-resistance bands. He normally works with dumbbells in 4 sets of 15 repetitions. In the case of its own weight, he opts-in for 3–5 sets in the number of 10-20 repetitions. However, he doesn’t avoid cardio either. His favourite is the AirBike, and he usually does a couple of short sprints, which increases heart rate and burns energy more efficiently. [1–2] [23]


Chris Hemsworth’s diet is taken care of by chef Sergio Perera, with whom the Thor has been working for many years. During those years, they went through several mistakes and consequent changes that work perfectly on Chris’s body. His diet plan is designed to take into account overall health and sufficient nutrients. Chris’ day often begins with a big green smoothie. It consists of various types of leafy and other vegetables, fruits with a low glycemic index, nuts and seeds and a pinch of sea salt to balance up the electrolytes. He also uses a mixture of ricepea and hemp protein as a protein source. He eats a lot of chicken, eggs and also loves fish.

His diet also contains many snacks and supplements. In the evening, he normally takes some BCAAs with magnesium and zinc to support regeneration and help the body calm down before bed. It is also worth mentioning that during the filming of Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War, Hemsworth switched to a vegan diet. As for calories, several sources mention 4000-4500 kcal per day. However, this figure changes a lot depending on the specific goals that Chris’s training currently has. Therefore, you should not try to eat exactly as he does. We assume that you have slightly different goals and you are not preparing for the role of superhero in a Marvel movie. [3] [23–⁠24]

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Dwayne Johnson

One of the most popular wrestlers in the past, now a movie star, known as The Rock. Most ordinary mortals probably won’t get even close to a body like Dwayne Johnson’s. Weight-lifting has been an integral part of his life since an early age. Dwayne’s muscular appearance is the result of extremely hard work for many years. Of course, his genetics and overall body structure also play a role.


The Rock’s exercise plan is in accordance with classic bodybuilding practices. It involves a lot of strength exercises for volume, including isolated ones, which precisely hit the muscle as a whole at every angle. He is a big fan of cable machine workouts and he likes to change his grips so that he gets the most out of every movement. His trainings are very demanding and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to sufficient regeneration. [4]

He often begins his day with a one-hour cardio workout, after which he has his first meal. Subsequently, he will have about 90 minutes of strength training with heavy weights. He usually exercises six days a week, during which he focuses on one muscle group each day. In the case of large muscles, he prefers to exercise once a week and twice a week for smaller muscles. He usually does four tough sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

He tries to be 100% focused on every workout, with the help of headphones and a favourite playlist. He often tries new things and constantly tries to improve his training routine, where he also uses the pyramid system. Likewise, he starts with a higher number of reps and a lower weight. He then gradually reduces repetitions and increases the weight. You can also get an idea about how his trainings look like on Rock’s Instagram. [5]


Dwayne reportedly consumed up to 8,000 calories a day at the peak of his wrestling career. To give you a better idea, this is about four times the number of calories that men at his age are recommended to eat. However, not everyone is Dwayne Johnson and he is not at the peak of his wrestler’s career anymore. So today he usually consumes 5 to 6 thousand calories, divided into roughly six meals. He does not make frequent changes in his diet and his main sources of protein are chicken, steak, cod, eggs and protein powdersHe usually follows a strict diet, during which he occasionally indulges in a cheat meal. [6]

Because of his training routine, he eats two dinners – he often tries to shuffle up the proteins and replaces meat with fish. Specifically, there is always going to be either salmon or cod on his plate. He allegedly doesn’t like them very much, but eats them mainly because of the healthy fats and vitamins. He also keeps in mind complex carbohydrates in the form of rice, sweet potatoes or oats. In addition to fish, he supplements fats with peanut butter, eggs and coconut oil. Before going to bed, he follows the same principle as for the other meals of the day – a balanced ratio of protein and carbohydrates, in combination with vegetables. He stays away mainly from highly industrially processed foods and tries to have all food groups represented in his diet. [7–⁠⁠8]

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Henry Cavill

The main proof of Henry Cavill’s great form is the fact that he was picked for the role of the Superman, which suited him perfectly. He trained for it for six months, which he described as unbearable and exhausting. At the same time, he adds that he has reached his new limits, which he had no idea about before. You can also see his great shape in a Netflix series The Witcher. [9]


The Superman’s training plan consisted of a combination of strength training, Olympic weightlifting, functional exercises and cardio. Specifically, Cavill’s training contained, for example, classic and Bulgarian squats, deadlifts, pull-ups or kettlebell exercises. Preparing for the role of Superman required training 4 to 5 days a week for about 2.5 hours each day. The British actor is used to changing his training routines according to film tasks. For example, while training for the role of The Witcher, he trained twice a day. [25]

He started with a morning 20-minute cardio before breakfast with a heart rate of 125 – 135 beats per minute, to develop his aerobic endurance and overall fitness. In the evening he had regular strength training, focused mainly on functional exercises such as kettlebell swings or Olympic weightlifting. As a result, he comprehensively trained all muscle groups. Although the steel man has a really muscular body, his training is not focused on heavy weights. Instead, he does a lot of repetitions with smaller weights, which really pumps the muscles and puts enough pressure on them. Henry Cavill’s form is also proof that for muscle growth, it is necessary to exercise close to your limits. [10–⁠11]


Superman’s diet includes lots of chicken and steaks. Most sources say that Henry Cavill was consuming about 5,000 calories a day in preparation for the role of Superman. No wonder, because same as The Rock, Cavill is a guy built like a mountain. One more important fact is that his diet tends to be tailored to what he is trying to achieve and what role he is currently preparing for. In the morning, he used to start with whey protein mixed with oatmeal and blueberriesThis was only the first part of his breakfast, which was supplemented by an omelette with ham and beef.

After training, he usually drank a protein shake that consisted of coconut milk, peanut butter, maltodextrin and whey protein. He finally got his first full meal about two hours later. He really likes chicken combined with white rice and curry sauceIn addition, he loves sweet potatoes, which he combines with beef and usually has those as a fourth meal. However, he adds that he would not have time to prepare meals with his routine, so this is usually taken care of by a professional chef. The day ends with a protein shake before bed. He considers the shake to be a necessary complement to his diet. However, he also often uses a pre-workout stimulant when travelling. He typically gets up at dawn or even earlier, works all day and goes to bed late. So fatigue is definitely a factor and pre-workout supplements, according to him, keep him awake, in a good mood and also pump his muscles. [12] [25]

Gal Gadot

We are not done with superheroes yet. Henry Cavill’s colleague from the DC Extended Universe is the well-known Israeli beauty Gal Gadot, who became famous mainly for the role of Wonder Woman. In order to get it, she had to work as hard as her male acting colleagues and get to her TOP form. In the role of Amazonian Princess Diana, she showed a great physical condition that many women can only dream about. So, what is her secret?


Gal was preparing for the role of Wonder Woman with her trainer Magnus Lygdback, who shared some information about her training routine. Gadot exercised strength five days a week for about an hour a day. She trained for the role for 9 months, during which she gained up to 7 kg of muscle. [13]

Her trainer Magnus designed her training to work with different parts of the body each day, so that individual muscles could regenerate in the meantime. HIIT and core-focused training were also part of the preparation for the role of Wonder Woman. [13]


Gal was constantly on the move during the filming of Wonder Woman, which of course required an adequate diet. In this case, it is about four pillars: enough energy, protein, vegetables and hydrationFor example, she started in the morning with eggs, fruit and coffee. She loves vegetable smoothies and avocado toasts. According to some sources, her strict diet plan contained approximately 100 g of protein, 200 g of carbohydrates and 90 g of fat. She avoided mainly simple carbohydrates. [15]  

However, Gal does not like to limit herself during the diet and supports the opinion that one can eat anything in adequate quantities. At the same time, she applies the principle of conscious eating (mindful eating). She wants to enjoy her food and give it the respect she thinks it deserves. She considers it very important and follows the advice of her trainer. He told her that a healthy lifestyle was not about how many hours you spent in the gym, but rather about what you were doing outside of it. She perceives food as fuel and her ordinary plate is made up of half vegetables and half protein. [15]

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Matthew McConaughey

Sympathetic Matthew McConaughey is one of the Hollywood actors who have maintained his athleticism for a long time. Unlike some of his colleagues, he does not train specifically for each film role. He tries to stay fit, which he does well even after the age of fifty and he even kept his six-pack. He is also one of the most athletic actors in Hollywood.


Matthew’s approach to exercise is different from that of his aforementioned acting colleagues. He owes his appearance mainly to the fact that he trains regularly throughout the year, not just a few months for a film role. He combines mainly cardio training and body-weight workouts. Furthermore, he doesn’t have a strictly defined training plan and exercises mainly because he enjoys it. As he revealed in one interview, he likes to just run for 20 minutes, then do 10 sets of 20 push-ups and then goes home. When running, he concentrates on distance rather than time and enjoys the journey to his destination.

His favourite exercises include a farmer’s walk, during which he holds the weights for 15 minutes, which mainly helps the lower limbs, back and core. He also likes to do chin-ups or just sprint in the backyard. Apart from that, McConaughey also loves mountain biking and surfing. He is not a big fan of fitness and prefers to exercise outdoors, where he sees many opportunities to be active. When it rains and he cannot go outside, he tends to replace outdoor activity with, for example, shadow boxing at home. [16–⁠17]


McConaughey’s approach to his diet is very similar to his approach to his exercise. He is known for his diet especially in preparation for the film role of a stripper in the film Magic Mike, where he showed his perfectly ripped figure. At that time, a supplementation expert Chris Lockwood and renowned celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson were in charge of the condition of the actor. Gunnar says he didn’t have much to do with Matthew. He is one of the few actors who work on himself consistently throughout the year. The preparation for the role in the film Magic Mike was mainly about McConaughey losing weight and even more emphasizing his already developed muscles, which they achieved by making slight adjustments to his diet. These were related to the macronutrients in his breakfast – they increased the sources of lean protein and reduced the amount of carbohydrates. He also had three protein shakes on his menu throughout the day. The aim was to increase the frequency of meals and add more protein to the diet. [18]

Vin Diesel

The character of Dominic Toretto shows great form in all parts of the series Fast and Furious. Thanks to that, as one of the few actors, he was able to face Dwayne Johnson himself in a fight scene.


During training, Vin tries to focus on each part of the body. He makes the muscles work with two sets of exercise of heavy weights, after which he moves to a set with a higher number of repetitions. During training, Diesel believes that you should choose exercises that you enjoy. Then training will not seem like a necessary torment, but fun. When Diesel was younger, he focused mainly on volume and strength. Now, however, his goal is flexibility and a low percentage of body fat. That’s why he tries to add cardio training and more core exercises on top of his body-weight training. Most often, the training of individual parts of the body is arranged in four sets, which consist of eight reps. [19–20]


Vin makes no secret of the fact that he likes to eat, but he still follows a strict diet. It consists mainly of lean protein, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and a sufficient hydrationHe says it’s a diet typical of people who aim for muscle, dexterity and low body fat. Most sources state that he likes to be able to choose from two options for each of his meals.

His breakfast is focused on getting enough carbohydrates, supplemented with healthy fats, such as chia seedsHe prefers whole grain foods and avoids processed ones. For lunch, he tries to have more protein and less carbohydrates. He works with their intake according to whether he concentrates on making sure that his muscles will be ripped or, on the other hand, his schedule is full of strenuous activities, such as strength training, long shooting or stunts. [21–⁠22]

What should you remember?

As you can see, training routines of Hollywood stars are not really built for ordinary mortals. Their routine is often extremely demanding and takes place under the supervision of exercise and diet professionals. They don’t have time to prepare their own food during their loaded schedules, so in most cases they have professional chefs for that. Thanks to the experts around them, these actors can focus as much as possible on their goal and train long hours, which is, after all, part of their work.

Admiration for the characters portrayed by Hollywood stars is, of course, in place, but often it’s just work for a specific film role, which then fades away. Transferability to everyday life is minimal in this case. That’s why you’d better focus on being the best version of yourself, rather than thinking that you are the next Dwayne Johnson. Each of us has a different body structure and genetics. Therefore, you should not try to eat and train exactly like selected celebrities. The main thing is that you learn to eat and exercise in accordance with your goals.

If there’s one thing you should take from training routines of Hollywood stars, it’s definitely the fact that self-discipline, training and a goal-oriented diet are the most important things. The most inspiring in this case is Matthew McConaughey, who enjoys an active lifestyle and exercises consistently throughout the year.

Whose training routine attracted you the most? Have you ever tried to train in a similar style in the past? If you liked the article, don’t hesitate and share it with your friends.


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