Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Spent 2 Years In The Army And Gained 7 Kg Of Muscles For Her Role. What Else Did She Do?

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Spent 2 Years In The Army And Gained 7 Kg Of Muscles For Her Role. What Else Did She Do?

Gal Gadot is an actress who was born on April 30, 1985 in Israel. However, her roots go beyond the borders of this country. She herself claims to be part Czech, Austrian, Polish and German. However, she was raised in a Jewish family. To a certain extent, her childhood was influenced by her mother’s profession – a physical education teacher. Gal was thus led to exercise from an early age. She spent her free time outdoors with other children or engaged in recreational activities. She played volleyball, danced for 12 years and thanks to the fact that she was 178 cm (5’8”), she was also good at basketball or high jump.

She thought that she would one day make a living from being active, so she even considered, for example, the career of a dance choreographer. Since she was very handsome, she could easily make a living with her appearance. However, she didn’t like the idea of posing in front of the camera. Therefore, she preferred to earn money by babysitting or working at Burger King.

Gal Gadot
Author of the photo: Gage Skidmore

A military uniform or a luxurious robe?

However, this did not match the ideas of her mother, who had Gal registered to Miss Israel. Although she won the competition, it was not the direction this beauty would like to go. Evening gowns, makeup, and heels just weren’t for her.

She felt much better, for example, in a military uniform during compulsory service in the Israeli armed forces. There, she worked as a martial arts instructor, helping men improve physically.

However, not even uniform could hide her beauty. So she was approached to be photographed for Maxim magazine in the category of “women of the Israeli army”, and she accepted. After completing her compulsory service in the armed forces, she decided to join the university and study law. After the first year, however, she ended her university life.

From small roles to Wonder Woman

Gal was first cast in 2007. At that time, viewers could see her on the Israeli television show Bubot. Another bigger role came with the movie Fast and Furious. She played the role of the charming Gisela, who collaborated with Dominic Toretto’s team. Gal’s acrobatic skills didn’t come in handy only when making this movie. She herself is convinced that, thanks to these abilities, she appears quite often in action movies. Another picture in which viewers could see her was called Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. When she was auditioning for the film, Gal didn’t even know what role it was. When she found out, she did her best to be the one chosen to become Wonder Woman. Well, in the end it actually happened.

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How did the slender Gal Gadot become the strong Wonder Woman?

Although Gal was chosen for the role of Wonder Woman, she still had a lot of work to do to fit more into the producers’ ideas. Because she was very lean, she needed to gain more muscle mass. She worked hard and in 9 months her weight went up by 7 kg. According to the actress, it was mostly muscle mass. And how did she achieve that?

Gal Gadot
Author of the photo: Joanne Q Escober

Enough protein, not many carbohydrates and adequate hydration

According to the actress, the cornerstone of everything is adequate diet. She wasn’t avoiding any food, and when she felt like it, she indulged in her favourite burger or ice cream. However, she relied on her diet to have enough protein and less carbohydrates. She liked to eat eggs and fruit for breakfast, complimented with a cup of coffee. For lunch or dinner, she had, for example, grilled cheese with vegetable salad or fish with garlic. She tried to eat consciously and paid full attention to each course. But she didn’t forget about hydration either. Every day she tried to drink almost 4 litres of water, because she did not want to underestimate sufficient hydration.

As for her exercise, the actress was helped by the coach Magnus Lygdbäck. Her schedule included strength training, cardio and HIIT.Gal needed to work on her mobility, strength and dexterity. At the same time, it was important for her body to be attractive to the eye. Therefore, it was necessary to choose a balanced ratio between different types of training. Gal had to be careful because any injury during the practice would put filming at risk. That’s why they tried to choose for her exercise less risky options, like a rowing machine.

Gal Gadot
Author of the photo: Gage Skidmore

What does the full-body training according to Gal Gadot look like?

  • 5 min. rowing to warm up
  • 5 min. rowing (alternating intervals – 10 sec. maximum effort, 50 sec. more relaxed)
  • 1 min. Mountain Climber
  • 1 min. Bird Dogs (stand on all fours, lift opposite legs and arms)
  • 1 min. Burpee Broad Jumps (Burpee with subsequent long jump)
  • 1 min. Bird Dogs (stand on all fours, lift opposite legs and arms)
  • 1 min. Mountain Climber
  • 1 min. Burpee Broad Jumps (Burpee with subsequent long jump)
  • Pull-ups – 3 reps, 7 series
  • Push-ups – 3 reps, 5 series

Our Tip: If the training seems too simple, you can repeat it two or three times in a row.

In order for Gal to be convincing in her role, she also had to practice fencing, kung fu, boxing and jiu jitsu. It was also necessary for her to be able to ride a horse or throw a sword. Otherwise, she would not be able to play convincingly scenes on the battlefield.

In the role of Wonder Woman, Gal appeared once again, in the film of the same name. She was even pregnant at the time, so some scenes had to be post-produced to hide her growing belly. She also won several awards, not only for this role.

Warrior in movies and in real life

However, Gal is not a strong woman only in movies. She also fights in real life, specifically for equality between women and men. She seeks to ensure that both sexes have equal opportunities, financial rewards and also publicly condemns violence. These interests are also related to her other activities, which she devotes herself to together with her husband. Together they founded a film and television production company, which participates, for example, in the creation of the documentary series IMPACT with Gal Gadot. It is aimed at strong women who have accomplished something and have a positive effect on communities of people around the world.

Private life Gal Gadot

Surely you will also be interested in the private life of this beauty. As we have revealed, Gal is married. In 2008, she married a real estate developer named Yaron Varsano, with whom she has three daughters. Gal’s last child was born in June 2021. And it can be assumed that this will take affect her life in the coming years. However, we can already look forward to the roles in which the charming Gal Gadot will appear again. Is it going to be another action movie or something different? What do you think?

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