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Battle Rope is a popular fitness equipment with length of 12 m which will help you work out effectively and intensively. At the same time, it's suitable for different types of workout, such as Tabata to develop musclar endurance. It's easy to use, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor workout.

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Battle Rope - effective equipment for muscular endurance development

Battle Rope is a workout tool you'll find in every good gym. It's very easy to work out with. You just need to hold the rope, step backward until it gets tight, and perform alternating waves and slams. The battle rope is 12 metres long, and it's perfect for both, indoor and outdoor training.


You can dynamically work on all your muscles, and it will help you strengthen your body, and it's suitable even for those who'd like to reduce their body fat. During your workout with battle rope you target your arms, back, chest, legs and core of your body. Your training will never be boring with this tool. It's made of high-quality materials which guarantee its long lifespan.

      Battle Rope - GymBeam


Battle Rope & its benefits

  • 12 m long
  • made from high-quality materials which guarantee its long lifespan
  • popular equipment for a full body workout
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor workout
  • develops musclular endurance




Length 12 m
Thickness 3,8 cm
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