List of Exercises: Triceps and forearm muscles

Triceps, hence the three-headed muscle of the arm is located on the back of the arm. It is the only muscle that performs movement in the elbow joint, therefore, you should not underestimate its strengthening. Since triceps has more muscle mass than bicep, its training is more challenging. See some tips on how to work out the triceps  muscles correctly.

Best exercises for triceps

Lying Dumbbell French press: french press with a single dumbbell in a lying position

Close Grip Bench press: bench press with narrow grip

Dumbbell overhead extension: overhead press with both hands

Dumbbell triceps extension: one-sided press with one hand over head

Cable triceps extension: triceps cable pull

Single arm cable extension: one-hand triceps cable pull


Overhead cable extension: triceps overhead cable pull

Dumbbell kick-backs: triceps extensions on the bench

Triceps Bar Dips: dips on the bars

Bench dips: triceps dips on the bench

Push-ups for triceps: 5 variation for strengthening of triceps


Forearm muscles are very important, but often neglected muscle part. In general, forearms and wrists an important part of your workouts because you are involving them when you grab a single dumbbell and you are preparing for the training of biceps and triceps. Top exercises for strengthening of the forearm muscles are in the following list.

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Best exercises for forearm muscles


Dumbbell wrist curls: lifting of a single dumbbell with an under-grip


Cable wrist curl: strengthening of the wrist by pulling the cable with an under-grip


Farmers walk

Wrist roller: wrist rolling-up of the rope

     Bonus: video with the best wrist and forearm exercises


We believe that we have inspired you with these exercises for triceps and forearm muscles and that you will try them out at your next workout session.  What are the best exercises for your shoulders and arms? Let us know in the comments section. If you liked the article, we will be happy if you support it with your likes and sharing.