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Dip Belt is the ideal fitness accessory for anyone who wants to add extra weight to their bodyweight workouts. The belt is made from comfortable material and it is not too tight. It features a sturdy steel chain on which you can add up to extra 50 kg.

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Dip Belt with a steel chain allows you to add an extra 50 kg of weight during your workouts, making your entire workout harder

Dip Belt allows you to add extra weight during your workouts, increasing the intensity of your exercise regimen and helping you elevate your strength performance. The belt is made from durable EVA material that is supremely comfortable on the body. This way, you don't have to worry about it being too tight or causing abrasions. It also comes with a steel chain for attaching external weights. It has a load capacity of up to 50 kg, so you can confidently load a hefty weight on your belt. 


This fitness tool is particularly ideal for upper body training and you can use it for pull-ups, dips and other exercises on the push-up or dip bars. It provides advantages for both strength athletes crossfitters. You can use it in the commercial or home gym, as well as on outdoor workout playgrounds. 


Dip Belt - GymBeam


Dip Belt Weight Belt & its benefits

  • fitness accessory for strength training
  • belt made from high-quality EVA material
  • helps to increase the load on pull-up and dip bars
  • comfortable on the body
  • the steel chain can hold weights up to 50 kg
  • ideal for push-ups and dips
  • useful for strength athletes and crossfitters



Length Width Weight capacity
1 m 10 cm max. 50 kg
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