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Gymnastic Rings are a practical fitness tool for bodyweight workout. You can easily attach adjustable straps to solid wooden rings with a practical buckle. With gymnastic rings, you will tone mainly the upper part of your body, and you can also use them during exercises engaging your abs or lower body.

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Gymnastics Rings - A unique fitness tool that will take your bodyweight workout to the next level 

Gymnastic Rings are one of the practical fitness accessories that you can use during your home bodyweight workouts, at the gym, and for outdoor workouts. You can easily attach adjustable straps to the durable wooden rings with a 24 cm diameter and 3.2 cm thickness using a practical buckle. The total length of the strap is 4.57 m, and its width is 3.8 cm.


These gymnastic rings will help you train especially the upper part of your body, and you can use them also during exercises focused on your abs, lower parts of your body, or full-body workout. What's more, they will help you gain strength, improve stability, flexibility, and balance. You will love it if you are an enthusiast of Crossfit as well as gymnastics, callisthenics, and functional bodyweight workout.


The maximum load capacity of gymnastic rings is 200 kg. Instructions for setting up gymnastic rings are included in the package.


Crossfit Gymnastic Rings - GymBeam


Gymnastic Rings & their dimensions

Strap 457 x 3,8 cm
Circle diameter 24 cm
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