List of exercises: Chest muscles

Do you wish for shaped chest? We have great tips of exercises for you also added with instruction videos thanks to which you will move your training to a higher level. The list of exercises is prepared the way everyone can find the favourites in it. That is why you will find the variants of exercises performed on the fitness machines or with the dumbells. Let's get into it! 


Parallel bar dips



Incline bench press


Decline dumbbell bench press 



Incline dumbbell bench press



Dumbbell flyes



Decline dumbbell flyes



Dumbell pullover



Cable flyes / Cable crossover:



Low-Incline barbell bench press



Seated machine chest press



Pec-deck machine






Low cable crossover



Drop push-ups



Do you want to have change? Try out the variations of the known chest exercises with the help of TRX.  


TRX chest press


TRX chest fly



TRX spiderman push-ups



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