List of exercises: Muscles of legs, thighs, hamstrings and calves

List of exercises: Muscles of legs, thighs, hamstrings and calves

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The last part of our series with the name “List of Exercises” focuses on the muscle part – muscles of legs, thighs and hamstrings and also calves. As in the previous articles, we added illustration video to each exercise in order to free you from googling it.


The legs belong to large muscle part and we claim that who has ripped legs, has a good base. This muscle part is often forgotten, and there are people who don’t train it at all. At least one training a week should be devoted to legs.

Thighs and hamstrings

Front Squat


Duck Squat

Hack Squat

Dumbell Squats

Jump Squats

Front Barbel Bench Squats

Smith Machine Squats

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Speed Squat

Low-box Squat

High– box Squat

Zercher Squat

Split Squat

Dumbell Lunges



Leg Extension

Power Clean

Lying Leg Curl

Thigh Abductors 

Standing Leg Curl

Stif- Legged Deadlift

Hip Abduction on Pulley 

Barbell Step Ups

Dumbell Lunges


Seated Calf Raise

Standing Calf Raise

Hip Adduction on Pulley

Donkey Calf Raise

Don’t forget that your training will be the most effective if you change and alternate the exercises. Share with us the exercises for legs you exercise.

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