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Half Round Foam Roller is a practical fitness tool made from high-quality foam. It is strong, durable and provides reliable support while exercising. Its flat side provides better stability, so it may be suitable for those who are not comfortable with a conventional round foam roller.

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Half Round Foam Roller - a great exercise tool to help train balance, strengthen and relax the whole body

Half Round Foam Roller is a practical fitness tool designed for exercising, stretching, and relaxing the entire body. Made from high-quality foam, it is sturdy and durable. The flat side offers enhanced stability during workouts compared to a traditional round foam roller. The rounded side features an uneven surface, perfect for exercises targeting core stabilization, balance training, or stretching. Its shape makes it an ideal knee support during kneeling exercises, feet support for exercises like squats, and for stretching the spine. Additionally, it can help improve ankle and foot stability. This versatile roller is perfect for relaxing muscles of the spine, thighs, calves, and other areas.


In addition, it is a great tool for everyday exercise. Its lightweight and portable design allows you to take and use anywhere. Perfect for home workouts and gym sessions, it is also well-suited for activities like yoga, pilates, or rehabilitation exercises.


Half Round Foam Roller & its benefits

  • practical exercise and stretching tool
  • strong and durable
  • features a smooth surface
  • lightweight and portable
  • provides more stability due to the flat side
  • helps with stretching and improving flexibility
  • ideal for relaxing the muscles of the back, thighs, calves and other muscles
  • helps firm the midsection and stabilize the ankles and feet
  • the rounded side is suitable for balance training
  • can be used for home workouts, gym workouts, as well as rehabilitation exercises
  • suitable for yoga or pilates exercises





Foam Roller dimensions

Length 60 cm
Diameter 15 cm
Weight 230 g
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