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Conquer Neoprene Knee Support is a practical accessory for stabilizing your knees during sports and other leisure time activities. It boasts a pleasant and flexible material that easily adjusts to your leg and allows for an optimum range of motion in all natural positions. It is easy to maintain and therefore sure to accompany you at all of your activities for a long time to come. The package contains 2 pieces.

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Conquer Neoprene Knee Support is made from pleasant and flexible material that will easily adjust to your knee, reliably stabilizing it

Conquer Neoprene Knee Support is a great aid to everyone looking to stabilize their knee joint during activities such as running, walking, strength training, crossfit, and others. It is made from an elastic material that will perfectly adjust to your knee and copy its shape. You can pick from a variety of sizes, meaning you won't have to worry about your bandage being too loose. With this bandage, your knee will be better fixed and supported, reducing the danger of incurring an injury during your training. What's more, it is designed to stay firmly in place and not slip off, which is something you will appreciate when training particularly hard. This practical aid is often sought after by athletes who tend to suffer from issues with their knees and do not wish to be obstructed by this inconvenience in their activities. It is equally useful for people who have undergone surgeries in the area and are doing physical therapy to return to their active lifestyle.


Aside from its functionality, you will no doubt appreciate the high manufacturing quality of this bandage. It is made from a sophisticated combination of materials that will ensure your joints stay in good comfort. The bandage is sweat absorbing and highly flexible, thanks to which it will reliably adapt to both men's and women's knees. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain, as the material is simple to wash, and highly durable, meaning it will no doubt accompany you on many training sessions to come.


If you're working out wearing shorts, naturally, the bandage will be visible. This is why we have chosen a versatile, single colour design that will easily match with any sports or leisure time outfit, both for ladies and gentlemen. In case you are wearing trousers over your bandage, you won't have to worry about it bulging underneath your clothes, as the bandage is practically invisible when worn underneath long pants.


If you are looking to support the stability of your knee joints during a variety of activities, this practical bandage is the choice for you. 


GymBeam Conquer Neoprene Knee Support


Conquer Neoprene Knee Support & its advantages

  • a practical aid for stabilizing your knees
  • made from a flexible material that adjusts to your leg
  • pleasant to wear
  • available in a variety of sizes for the best match
  • reliable sweat absorption
  • easy to maintain
  • stays firmly in place without slipping off
  • ideal for sports and leisure time activities 
  • useful after surgery 
  • helps with tennis and golfer's elbow
  • suitable for both men and women
  • package contains 2 pieces



25 % Nylon, 62 % SBR, 8 % EVA, 5 % Elastane


Size Chart

Size Leg circumference Upper width Lower width Front length Back length Thickness
S 35-39 cm 16 cm 13.5 cm 27 cm 22 cm 7 mm
M 40-45 cm 17 cm 15 cm 27 cm 22 cm 7 mm
L 45-50 cm 18 cm 16 cm 27 cm 22 cm 7 mm
XL 50-55 cm 19 cm 17 cm 27 cm 22 cm 7 mm
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