Fitness Recipe: Oatmeal With Cocoa and Coffee

Fitness Recipe: Oatmeal With Cocoa and Coffee

Can you imagine your morning without coffee and your favourite oatmeal? No? Then try combining these two into one. You will get a unique taste experience and at the same time a breakfast that will reliably motivate you for the new day. Then it’s up to you what else you add to it. Will you try fruit, nuts or peanut butter?


Toppings (optional):

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First prepare lungo. Then mix all the dry ingredients in a pan – oats, protein powder, cocoa and cinnamon and lightly fry them together. Then add lungo and, if necessary, water (we used approximately 100 ml).

Oatmeal with Cocoa and Coffee - Method

Cook everything together, stirring constantly until thick and creamy.

Oatmeal with Cocoa and Coffee - Ideal Consistency

Transfer it to a bowl and at the end decorate it with yogurt and other goodies so that your porridge is pleasing not only to the taste buds, but also to the eye. We used oats, a few coffee beans and cinnamon, but you can’t go wrong with chocolatenuts, nut butter or freeze-dried fruit.

Oatmeal with Cocoa and Coffee
Nutritional Values1 serving
Energy value367 kcal
Protein40 g
Cabrohydrates37 g
Fats5 g
Fibre7 g

This oatmeal with a dose of coffee will reliably give you energy before exercise or a demanding work day. In addition, it will certainly please you with its delicious taste, which will make your favourite oatmeal even more special.

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