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BIO Cocoa Powder tastes delicious, has a captivating aroma, and countless possibilities for use, which is sure to make it your go-to choice. It naturally contains a 10-12% content of cocoa butter. It is also high in protein and fibre, while retaining a host of beneficial substances. The BIO Cocoa Powder therefore undoubtedly qualifies as a high-quality and healthy ingredient that will add a touch of excitement to your beverages, desserts, and breakfast porridge.

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BIO Cocoa Powder – has a delicious taste, captivating aroma and high protein and fibre content, which makes it great for preparing beverages, desserts, porridges, and other goodies

BIO Cocoa Powder is a top-quality and healthy ingredient that fits perfectly into any nutritious diet. It consists of BIO quality defatted cocoa powder, with a cocoa butter content of 10-12% that provides it with its unmistakable flavour and captivating aroma. It contains no sugar and is high in protein, making it an excellent choice for active individuals as it contributes to muscle growth and maintenance. Moreover, if you want to take care of your digestive system, you'll be pleased to know that cocoa powder also boasts a substantial fibre content.


In addition to its great taste and ingredient profile, you will also come to appreciate the versatility of the BIO Cocoa Powder, as it can be used in a wide variety of beverages and dishes. When mixed with cow's or plant-based milk, it creates a delicious cocoa drink. It also pairs wonderfully with coffee, so feel free to add a teaspoon to your cup. If you enjoy creamy beverages, you can incorporate the BIO Cocoa Powder into smoothies. Moreover, it nicely complements both sweet and sour fruits. But that is not all! It can also be used to enrich your dishes as well. It tastes great in rice, oat, buckwheat, semolina, and other breakfast porridge. You can also mix it into puddings, yoghurt, curd, and various creams. Of course, it is also commonly used when making cookies or different doughs, resulting in mouthwatering desserts. And if you're not afraid to experiment, a pinch of cocoa can be added to various sauces, expanding their flavour spectrum. Therefore, if you're looking to transform your regular meals into a whole new culinary experience, adding the BIO Cocoa Powder is a superb choice how to achieve that.


Bio Cocoa Powder - VanaVita


BIO Cocoa Powder & its benefits

  • a high-quality cocoa powder with a 10-12% content of cocoa butter
  • BIO quality
  • tastes delicious and has a captivating aroma
  • high protein content, which is important for muscle growth
  • boasts a high fibre content
  • does not contain sugar
  • does not contain lactose or GMOs
  • suitable for making coffee, cocoa drinks, smoothies, and cocktails
  • can be added to yoghurt, porridge, curd, and pudding
  • perfect for preparing healthy desserts
  • suitable for vegans



BIO defatted cocoa powder. 10-12% cocoa butter content.


Nutrition facts

Nutritional values
per 100 g
Energy value 1430 kJ / 343 kcal
Protein 24 g
Fats 11 g
of which saturated fatty acids 6.5 g
Carbohydrates 14 g
of which sugar 0 g
Fibre 33 g
Salt 0.1 g



Store at temperatures up to 25° C and relative humidity up to 70%.

Allergens: The product may contain gluten, peanuts, nuts or sesame.

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