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L-Glutamine - GymBeam

Manufacturer: GymBeam
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L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid synthesized in muscle tissue, whose level decreases when performing challenging workout. It is a building material for the production of proteins in the muscles, but the body is not able to create it in larger quantities and therefore it is advisable to supplement it.

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L-Glutamine - an important amino acid produced by gentle fermentation method

L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid in powder form that accounts for up to 60% of the amino acid content in the muscles. The human body creates it from glutamic acid, which the body cannot create itself and must take it through the diet. It is one of the amino acids involved in protein production in muscles. Glutamine levels are reduced during an increased load on the body and it is therefore advisable for athletes and active people to supplement it.  


L-Glutamine - GymBeam


L-Glutamine is produced by a gentle method of fermentation and therefore no aggressive chemicals or high temperatures are used. Up to 5 g of L-Glutamine is contained in one serving of the product to supplement the building material for muscle renewal and growth. 


L-Glutamine & its benefits

  • L-Glutamine produced by fermentation
  • forms 60% of amino acids in the muscles
  • involved in protein production within protein synthesis



Unflavored: 100% L-Glutamine.

Lemon lime flavor: L-Glutamine, natural aromas, malic acid, sweetener (sucralose), natural coloring.

Green apple flavor: L-Glutamine, malic acid, aroma (Green Apple), colorant (tartrazine, indigotine, ponceau 4R, azorubine), sucralose.


Recommended use

Unflavoured and green apple flavorThe recommended dose is 5 g (1 measuring cup), taken stirred in 200 ml of water twice a day. On a training day, we recommend taking 5 g an hour before training and 5 g immediately after training. On a non-training day, take 5-10 g of L-Glutamine before bedtime.


Lemon Lime Flavor: Mix the recommended dose of 7 g (1 measuring cup) in 250 ml of water. Consume twice a day. The daily dose should not exceed 20 g. For top athletes over 100 kg, the daily dose should not exceed 40 g. 


Allergy warningMay contain traces of milk, soy, eggs and nuts.  


Nutrition table

Nutritional values (unflavored)1 serving (5 g)
L-Glutamine5000 mg
Nutritional values (lemon lime, green apple)1 serving (7 g)
L-Glutamine6250 mg


Caution: The product is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store in a dry place at 25 ° C. Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Not suitable for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep out of the reach of small children. The manufacturer is not liable for damages caused by improper use or storage.

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L-Glutamine - GymBeam

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Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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L-Glutamine - GymBeam

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