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A gray gym towel is made of 100% cotton that makes it soft to the touch. It is very absorbent, has a long service life, antistatic and antibacterial properties, and is also soft and gentle on the skin. This 50x90cm towel can be used not only to absorb the sweat off your face but also as an exercise pad.

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Gray gym towel made of 100% cotton with great properties

Gray gym towel is made is made of 100% cotton that makes it soft to the touch. The natural cotton fiber of the towel makes it very absorbent, provide long service life, antistatic and antibacterial properties. The size of the towel is 50x90 cm, it has excellent properties and is free of any chemical ingredients. It is also hypoallergenic, so it does not cause any allergic reactions and is meant for sensitive skin.


It is no longer necessary to remind anyone of the importance of the gym towel. It is a necessary accessory of every athlete and it is very important to have it at the gym. If you are exercising and you have sweaty face, it's a good sign, but it's great if you have something to wipe the sweat. The gym towel can be also used as an exercise pad for various abs exercises. Not having a towel today is a real faux pas. So always take the gym towel with you, so that you do not have to worry about any troublesome situations.

           Gray Gym Towel - GymBeam


Benefits of gym towel

  • made of quality 100% cotton
  • has antistatic properties
  • has antibacterial properties
  • dries fast
  • is very absorbent
  • gentle and soft to the touch
  • has a long service life


How to care and wash for the towel?

Wash the towel at 40 ° C, we do not recommend using fabric softeners because they reduce the absorbency of the towel. Dry it in a dryer up to 60 ° C and use 150 ° C if you want to iron it, which is unnecessary. Do not bleach and avoid chemical cleaning.

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