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FitBall is a fitness aid that improves overall stability, balance and control of the body. Due to its unstable surface, it forces you to maintain the right hip position. Take advantage of FitBall too!

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Fitball 85 cm - improve stability, balance and control of your body with a fitness ball too

FitBall is 85 cm fitness ball which helps you improve overall stability and balance of the body. Thanks to the fact that it also forces you to keep your hips and body control in the right position, it helps to alleviate the backache. Fitball can also be used in strengthening exercises, where it serves you as an effective fitness aid. You will also appreciate it as an alternative to a chair at computer desk or in office, because it prevents backaches and ensures comfortable sitting. Its maximum capacity is 200 kg and the package also includes a practical pump.



Fitness Fitball & its advantages

  • improves the overall stability and balance of the body
  • improves control of the body
  • keeps the hips in the right position
  • relieves backaches
  • can also be used during strengthening exercises
  • serves as a prevention of backaches
  • the package also includes a practical pump


Instructions for use

  1. Recommended size: The ball size referred to in the name "FitBall 85cm" pertains to its maximum possible diameter. In practical terms, it is recommended to inflate the ball to a diameter of 80 cm.
  2. To set up the ball properly, inflate it on two separate occasions. Inflate once, wait for 24 hours, and then finish inflating to reach the maximum capacity. 
  3. Keep the ball away from painted walls, wooden furniture or woodworking areas. Likewise, protect it from your pets, which could damage the ball.
  4. Do not use the ball on a slippery surface such as a wooden floor or tiles, especially if you are exercising or sitting on the ball.
  5. If you want to use the ball as a birth aid or an exercise aid during pregnancy, consult a doctor first.
  6. Store the ball in a clean, dry and well-ventilated environment.
  7. Do not use strongly acidic or alkaline cleaners to clean the ball. Do not expose the ball to direct sunlight or store it at high temperatures. 
  8. The ball can carry approximately 150-200 kg of weight. When using it, pay attention to the distribution of forces and do not overload it too much in a single specific place.
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