Kayla Itsines: Author of Bikini Body Guide Programme, Sweat App and One of the Most Famous Fitness Trainers

Kayla Itsines: Author of Bikini Body Guide Programme, Sweat App and One of the Most Famous Fitness Trainers

Kayla Itsines is an Australian fitness trainer with Greek roots who you probably know thanks to her successful training programs and social media. She was born on May 21, 1991, and has had a very positive attitude to sport since her childhood. She loved basketball, and at the age of 15 she also started with weight training. And at the age of 18, the world of fitness engulfed her so much that she decided to fully devote herself to her hobby, so she finished a training course at the Australian Fitness Institute, and began training her first clients in a small gym.

She also helped students in school teams to achieve better results. She trained them as sportsmen which improved their performance, and in addition, she gave them lectures about alimentation. She was using before and after photos to monitor their progress. She then shared them on her newly created Instagram account which she created for this purpose in August 2012. In this way, she enticed hundreds of thousands followers in a few months who wanted to cooperate with Kayla Itsines. But how can one person meet the demand of so many people?

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Kayla Itsines: Author of Bikini Body Guide Programme, Sweat App and One of the Most Famous Fitness Trainers

Kayle received help from her then-partner Tobi Pearce who also worked as a fitness trainer, and together they established a company called Bikini Body Training. And so the first e-book Bikini Body Guide was launched under her auspices at the beginning of 2014, by which people all over the world trained, and so it soon had over a million downloads. Because of the great success, the following year she launched the application “Sweat with Kayla” which works with some variations up to now, and can be found under the name: Sweat: Fitness App For Women. You can also train by Kayla on her YouTube or Instagram account.

What does Kayla Itsines’s diet look like?

Besides working out, Kayla is also interested in diet, so it is no surprise that her e-books likewise focus on the menu composition. She shares tips for healthy meals, among other things, on her Instagram profile, where she had about 12.5 million followers at the beginning of 2021. Kayla is also known for not drinking alcohol. Surprisingly, it is not because of its high calorie content, but because of the death of a loved one from alcohol poisoning. She realizes that food is more than just a body fuel, so she cares about its quality. She believes in a balanced diet and is not a supporter of the exclusion of whole groups of foods, unless it is due to health reason.

What does one day of eating of Kayla Itsines look like?

  • If she eats breakfast at home, she usually eats a lot of seasonal vegetables and two toasts. Her favourite coffee shouldn’t be missing, though. She chooses scrambled eggs as an out-of-home breakfast.
  • Her lunch is rather simple. She likes preparing a salad with canned tuna, basil, cucumber, pepper, tomato and onion mixed with home-made dressing from oil, dried oregano, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. If she eats lunch out of home, she likes to have sushi or summer rolls, for example.
  • She often dines together with other family members, where she can choose from many types of pasta, salads or meats. She always creates a dish, so that it contains proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables.
  • If necessary, she supplements the main dishes with snacks, such as fresh fruit with yogurt, honey and cinnamon. If she has a craving for salty food, she chooses tzatziki, for example.

Difficult diagnosis and potentional problems becoming pregnant

If the life of this fitness girl seems too perfect to you, you must know that she has also experienced several major miseries in her life. As a teenager, she had problems with hormonal imbalance. She regularly suffered from severe menstrual pain, nausea, and cramps which increasingly limited her normal functioning, and as a result, she was eventually confirmed with a diagnosis called endometriosis. This disease scares lots of women, as it may cause problems becoming pregnant. Since Kayla is a big fighter, she faced this challenge. This is evidenced by the fact that she gave birth to a healthy baby girl in April 2019, and so she finally fulfilled her dream of motherhood.

“I have always had a passion and an effort to fulfil my own goals and dreams. In addition, I will always work hard to help other people, ” says Kayla about herself.

How about you? Do you know this young successful fitness businesswoman? And have you already tried to work out by her programmes? Share your experience with us.


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