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BIO Oregano is a dried herb, known mainly in Italian and spicy Mexican cuisine. It has an herbal bitter-hot taste with a strong aroma. It is most often used for pizza, but also in various sauces, salads or pasta.

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BIO Oregano - organic dried herb with a strong aroma, which is the basis of Italian and Mexican cuisine

BIO Oregano is a delicious spice known especially from Italian cuisine, whose dishes would not be so perfect without it. However, thanks to the bitter-hot taste and strong aroma, we can also find it in various Mexican dishes. Oregano seasoning is very common and popular. It perfects pasta, marinades, various sauces and should not be missing even in a good salad.


In addition, it is great for various appetizers. It creates a delicious combination, for example, with sheep cheese and olive oil. It also goes well with grilled meat, which could be then characterized by a distinctive and unmistakable taste. The product does not contain salt, is hand-packed and comes in eco packaging.


BIO Oregano & its benefits

  • a spice from the plant Origanum vulgare in BIO quality
  • has a bitter-hot taste and a strong aroma
  • known from Italian and Mexican cuisine
  • suitable for pasta, various sauces, marinades and pizza
  • comes in eco packaging



BIO oregano.



Store in a closed container in a cool and dry place.

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