Fitness recipe: Fermented Overnight Oats with Nuts and Fruits

Fitness recipe: Fermented Overnight Oats with Nuts and Fruits

We can discuss the topic of breakfast and its importance, but everyone knows themselves best. You know best whether you like to have the first meal of the day early in the morning or little bit later. We are excited to bring you the recipe for fermented overnight oats, which are great for both cases. In addition, this recipe is so easy and quick to prepare that you would have more free time in the morning, and there are numerous variations and toppings you can add. So practical, tasty and healthy! What do you say? Let’s prepare it!


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Mix the oat flakes in a large bowl with kefir and water. If the mixture is too thick, add a little water. Cover the bowl with a plate and leave to rest (ferment) on the kitchen counter for 8-12 hours, ideally overnight. The next day, add sweetener to taste and divide oats into three portions. Add sliced apple and cinnamon to the first portion, lyophilized strawberries and cocoa to the second one, and vanilla extract and lyophilized raspberries to the last one. You can also add seeds, protein powder or nuts according to your taste and preferences. Serve oats immediately or store in the refrigerator for a few days. So simple!

Fitness recipe: Fermented overnight oatmeal with nuts and fruits
Nutritional value per 1 serving (total of 3 servings)






11 g

44 g

8 g

We believe that this recipe for fermented overnight oats will not only simplify, but also make your morning routine more pleasant. Make your friends’ mornings better and share this recipe with them.

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