Muffins are small, single-serving desserts typically baked in cupcake liners, perfect for various occasions like birthdays, Halloween, and other special events. However, you can also opt for a less conventional savoury version, which works wonders as a nutritious snack or breakfast. With the right ingredients, you can easily prepare vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free muffins.

How to make sweet muffins?

The base for sweet muffins usually involves a simple batter with flavours like vanilla, chocolate, banana, raspberry, apple, pumpkin, or nuts. Additional garnishing touches can include freeze-dried fruit, nuts, or chocolate drops. To make things a little easier, you might want to try a recipe for muffins measured in cups, which eliminates the need for weighing your ingredients. Once the batter is ready, make sure to evenly distribute it into the prepared liners and bake. Unlike cupcakes, sweet muffins are typically not garnished after baking and are ready for immediate consumption. This makes serving easier, and it is also practical for transport, eliminating concerns about smudging any frosting. 

How to make a healthier version of muffins?

If you’re interested in trying nutritionally balanced and healthier muffins, you can try your hand at one of our savoury options. How about making breakfast egg muffins with cottage cheese, ham, and tomatoes? Then there are also tuna muffins, which are packed full of protein.

Whether you prefer sweet or savoury treats, juicy muffins are always a fantastic snack that you can fully indulge in.

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