Banana is a delicious fruit packed with nutrients, versatile, and usable in many recipes. Moreover, it is rich in naturally occurring sugars (simple carbohydrates), making it an immediate and quick source of energy. It can therefore come in handy as a fast pre-workout snack.

Where to use bananas?

Fresh or freeze-dried bananas can be used to sweeten and flavour your breakfast porridge, yoghurt, skyr, or quark. They also stand out in fruit salads.

How to prepare a quick banana snack?

You can enjoy a banana on its own, but it also tastes great with peanut butter or melted dark chocolate. Similarly, you can make a banana smoothie by blending it with milk, or a plant-based, or cultured beverage.

It’s also worth preparing a homemade banana popsicles with quark or nut butter.

How to use bananas for baking?

Bananas are perfect for sweetening cakes and desserts, giving them a delicate and tender consistency. They are even used as an egg substitute and are often found in vegan recipes instead of eggs.

You can use them to make the popular banana bread, muffins, brownies, or simple banana cookies. If you crave something more cake-like, you just can’t go wrong with a banana roll or a no-bake cake. Finally, if you rank among people who appreciate easy baking, you will surely enjoy simple banana cakes measured in cups.

Don’t forget about pancakes and crêpes

You can prepare pancakes and crêpes in the classic version and then garnish them according to your taste. However, if you enjoy experimenting, feel free to add banana to the batter. For example, combining it with oat flakes creates these healthy banana pancakes. You can also make tasty pancakes using a batter with a larger mashed banana and two eggs.

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