Fitness Recipe: Elephant Tear Cake Made of Chocolate, Banana and Curd Cream

Fitness Recipe: Elephant Tear Cake Made of Chocolate, Banana and Curd Cream

Chocolate dough and soft curd cream combined with a sweet taste of banana. Nothing can go wrong with such a combination, right? And this is doubly true for the well-known recipe for Elephant Tear, where we used healthier alternatives to common ingredients. In addition, this dessert looks beautiful and its delicious taste is priceless. See for yourself!

Ingredients for the dough:

Ingredients for the cream:

Other ingredients:

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Start by preparing the dough. Separate the egg whites from the yolks and whisk them into the solid foam. Then whisk the yolks with erythritol into the foam in another bowl. Then add flour, protein and cocoa to the yolks. Mix everything well together in order to create a uniform, relatively dry dough. Mix the whipped foam to the mixture little by little with a wooden spoon. Pour the finished dough onto a baking sheet lined with baking paper and bake at 160 °C for 10 minutes. When the dough is ready, let it cool. After about 10 minutes, turn the dough to the other side. Prepare a clean cloth and roll it up along its length. Then place it in the middle of the dough and bend the dough, so as to create the shape of a teardrop. Let the dough cool completely in this shape.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream. Cook the pudding with 250 ml of milk and let it cool down after cooking. Prepare walnuts and cut them into small pieces. Add ricotta, curd cheese, protein and erythritol to the cooled pudding. Finally, add the chopped nuts. Slightly open the cooled dough and spread half of the cream to the bottom. Then place whole bananas on the bottom layer of the cream and cover with the other half of the cream. Put the dough back in the shape of a teardrop. The last step is icing. Melt coconut oil with chocolate in a water bath. Pour the icing on top of the cake and spread it evenly. Put the dessert in the fridge for the night to harden. On the next day, slice it and serve. Yummy!

Fitness Recipe: Elephant's Tear Cake Made of Chocolate, Banana and Curd Cream
Nutritional values1 serving (13 servings in total)
Protein11 g
Carbohydrates15 g
Fat12 g

Video recipe Elephant Tear Cake Made of Chocolate, Banana and Curd Cream

We believe that you will enjoy the healthier version of the well-known Elephant Tear dessert, and it will become a part of your recipes collection. Inspire your loved ones and share the recipe with them as well.

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